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By on May 2nd, 2017

Do you know how to trace or view bandwidth usage of your account? There are many ways to view the bandwidth usage from cPanel. As you may have noticed, there is an option to view the bandwidth usage of your cPanel account in the statistics section along with other resource usage such as disk usage, CPU usage, I/O usage, etc. This can be viewed from the home page of your cPanel.

This method doesn’t provide a detailed overview of the bandwidth usage. There are also other methods to see the bandwidth usage in detail. In this documentation, we are going to such a method to view the bandwidth usage details from the cPanel.


Steps to see Bandwidth from cPanel

1) Login to your cPanel interface. You could login to cPanel by adding :2083 to your domain name in the address bar or ‘’ in your browser.

2) Go to Metrics >> Bandwidth.

You can locate the Metrics section in the home page.

View Bandwidth


You will be redirected to the next page. There you can see the bandwidth usage of the cPanel account in detail. It will be shown as graphs there. There would be multiple graphs and you can view more details in this page than cPanel >> Statistics. With this feature, you can view also the current month’s bandwidth usage. The graph will give you detailed information about the web and mail bandwidth usage. Sometimes the administrator may have enabled the FTP bandwidth logging. In this case, you will have the details of the FTP bandwidth usage also. Usually, there would be graphical representation of the bandwidth usage as three periods.

àPast 24 Hours

àPast Week

àPast Year

A sample screen shot is added below for reference.

View Bandwidth


As you can see, there are different categories in the graph. A short description of what are they and what the usage of each of them are listed below.

1) HTTP: Web traffic.

2) POP3: Email that your accounts received using POP3.

3) IMAP: Email that your accounts received.

4) FTP: File transfers.

5) SMTP: Email that your accounts sent.

6) ALL: This is to see the total usage.

Since the time displayed on the statistics is important, cPanel will also let you know what the time zone is. You could find the details about the time zone as “All times are in the “America/Chicago” time zone.” You will be notified if the browser time is not matched with the server time zone. In such cases, you will receive a message like this “Set the time to “America/Chicago” time zone and reload.”


View Daily Bandwidth Usage

You can also select the daily bandwidth usage for the previous months displayed in this page. You need to click on the Links as shown in the screen shot.

View Bandwidth


When you click on one of these links, you will get  more detailed information on the daily bandwidth usage.

View Bandwidth


As you can see, you can also view the usage of the other categories mentioned above. You can also see the graphical representations of each day’s usage by clicking on the links which are the numerical representation of days.


Do you know there is option in to view your account bandwidth usage? Watch the following video to know more.


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