Where to Get Affordable Adult Website Hosting

Posted on October 31st, 2019

Making money online via blogging is quite a famous method. The number of content creators increasing day by day. Today you will find endless videos and blogs that guide you with earning your first penny to million dollars.

Some who think really out of the box make easy money. In this, if you are planning to have your own adult website, then you might realize that it is not easy to get started as most of the hosting company doesn’t allow you to host an adult website. Apart from that, monetization opportunities are also limited. Don’t worry, here; you will get a complete solution.

Before getting started, if you are here just for a knowledge purpose and planning to have your thinking about having your adult website, then here we will provide some insights and benefits that you would love to know. Make sure not to miss anything. Moreover, if you are too much curious to know about the hosting part, then feel free to skip the below informative sections.

Where to Get Affordable Adult Website Hosting & Start Making Money

Facts That May Help You to Start Your Adult Website

  • According to HuffPost, adult sites get more regular monthly traffic than Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon combined.
  • According to PH Analytics, more than 4,599,000,000 hours of porn were consumed in 2016 on the world’s largest adult website.
  • According to NBC News, adult industries are $97 billion industry and $12 billion that is only coming from the USA.
  •  According to WebRoot, 35% of total internet downloads are adult related.

We don’t think you need more reasons to get started, right?

Misconceptions About Adult Website


Here you will get to know about some of the popular misconceptions having with starting an adult website.

Huge Hosting Cost


If you try to host your adult site just by purchasing a hosting plan from any random hosting provider, then know that it might get banned or removed without any prior notice. Not their fault, because most of hosting providers don’t allow to host site that contains any adult contents, encourage gambling things, etc.
To solve this problem, you might have come across facts like you need to pay lots of extra money to buy a special hosting plan that let you host site that you can’t host on regular hosting plans. Well, you will be glad to know that you don’t have to put your time and fortune to find such hosting, you can host your adult site with InterServer with the starting price of $24 per month.

Monetization Issue

We put our time, money, and all of our efforts on-site to make it good enough so that we can become financially free, right? In this, working on an adult site can have lots of difficulties and challenges when it comes to monetization, for instance, you can’t monetize your site using ad publishers that pay a high CPM, CPC, etc. Here most of the people bury their thoughts of having an adult site.
Don’t lose hope there is a solution to every problem on the internet. You just need to find the right source. As far as monetizing the adult site is concerned, then you can explore options like Adnow, Poptm, Popads, Promoter, Adsterra, Infinity Ads, Exoclick, and more. We will not get into detail on monetization as our prime concern is to make you aware of the solution to hosting adult website things.

It may not be much of a surprise that 30% of internet traffic is from adult websites. All adult sites generate more monthly traffic than Netflix and other large mainstream websites.  Finding a reliable and accepting Adult Hosting provider is often a difficult task for webmasters. There are defiantly some Do’s and Don’ts with adult-friendly hosting providers. Interserver hosting packages are mostly accepting of all legal adult content. But we do not allow adult hosting on our “Unlimited Web Hosting” Plans. Simply put Adult websites are very taxing on server resources and do not belong on Unlimited plans that a host such as us take a gamble on.

Where Can I Get Best & Affordable Adult Hosting Plans?

No need to go anywhere and waste your time. InterServer.net lets you host your adult site without any restrictions and conditions. We have a dedicated plan that you can use to host your site. Now because most of the adult websites primarily have video bases, we offer fast and reliable hosting with unlimited resources so that your users will not face any trouble while enjoying the content.

Things You Will Get With InterServer.net Hosting Plan

Professionalism: By offering you an affordable hosting solution for an adult site, we don’t have any hidden agenda, something like when your site gets famous, we start charging you much more than the market rate. You are free to host your website without any pricing surge in the future. You just need to pay for the resources you consume, just like our other normal hosting plans.

1. Cloud VPS

Virtual Machines for Adult Hosting are definitely the best option for adult related content. Prices start at only $6 per month. Resources are very generous for the price. You can upgrade and downgrade anytime as your demand and traffic need shift.

2. Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers for Adult Hosting are perfect for the very well established websites that generate 1000’s of visitors per hour. 10GBPS Dedicated Servers are available for high bandwidth usage content such as streaming movies and live videos. Often a much cheaper alternative then cloud bandwidth costs. Our customers use these servers just to host streaming content. Large Storage Servers are used to archive thousands of gigabytes of pictures and videos.

3. Custom Resources

When you choose InterServer, you don’t have to pay for anything that you are not using. We offer custom resources in terms of memory, RAM, slices, etc. that gives you the freedom to choose only what you want to consume. For instance, for a particular day, you are required to increase RAM size because of heavy traffic forecasts. In such a situation, you can request for extra RAM size that will be provided instantly without any question.

4. Instant Solution With Expert Support

Unlike other competitors in the industry, we offer you an immediate solution for your queries. We don’t provide the support that reverts after hours of a query. We strongly believe in resolving your doubts in minutes with our team of our tech experts.

5. Affordable Price

We guarantee you that no one in the hosting industry offers better pricing than us. If, somehow, you find any cheaper plans, then instead of instantly buying it, make sure you double-check all the features and resources with us. If you feel that they are offering better services than InterServer, then without any hesitation, pick them. Our prime goal is your satisfaction by delivering the best experience to you.

6. Control Panel

With our free hosting control panel powered by Webuzo, you can easily manage and deploy 100’s of applications on your server, such as WordPress.

Our Recommendation to Achieve Best Performance

We highly recommend starting with at least 4 slices for the best performance. Here is what an example hosting package would look like.

  •  4 slice VPS
  •  4 CPU Cores
  •  8GB Memory
  •  $24 per month.

Adult Domains (TLD)

A variety of adult-themed domain names has come to the market in the last few years as well. Instead of fighting for the impossible to get dot com you can get a much better sounding website address by using one of these.

We hope you got your solution. If you still have any questions about adult web hosting, then let us know by contacting us. We will revert you as soon as possible.

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