White Label CMS – Brand Your WordPress CMS as Your Own

Posted on March 18th, 2022

Web developers often spend lots of time explaining to their clients all the references of the WordPress dashboard, login screen, and all the admin menu items. You do this thing for every client every time, and that’s why the White Label CMS plugin comes into the market. 

White Label CMS is the ultimate plugin for web developers who create new client manuals. This plugin can deliver a more professional and less confusing site to your clients.

The plugin delivered professionally produced video tutorials of WordPress as an editor for clients in non-technical language to understand it in a better way. 

Let’s have a look at the features provided by the plugin.


Customize the login page

The plugin will allow you to customize the login page for your clients to rebrand it as your own and give your clients a new manual for their WordPress login page with a brand logo and background image. You can also control the CSS if you wish to edit.

Add branding to the header and footer

You can add branding to the header, footer, and menu bar of the site and stay top of mind with your client.

Customize the Dashboard

Sometimes clients don’t understand what’s going on in the WordPress dashboard because of the less technical knowledge. With the help of the plugin, you can customize your WordPress dashboard with ease. You can also add your RSS feed so your client can’t be confused and stay up to date with what you are doing in your business. You can use Elementor and Beaver builder to make the WordPress dashboard attractive.

Setup a site within a second using the wizard

The plugin provides you with a simple setup wizard in which you need to add your branding and client details to set up the site for the clients. You can also skip the tasks which are nonessential to set up. The wizard allows you to do this.

Professionally produced video tutorials

The plugin’s high-quality video tutorials cover every aspect of using WordPress as an editor in a simple language so that clients will easily understand. But, what if WordPress updates a new version, don’t worry; the plugin automatically produces new videos and newly written manuals for you.

Easy setup with master profile

You can easily set up your company logo and video tutorials with this feature. You have to subscribe to the plugin, and you’ll receive the plugin and a serial code. Paste the serial code into the activation screen, and that’s set. Using serial code, you didn’t want to add those things every time. Clients think that you’ve customized the whole thing just for them by doing this.

Hide settings from admins

The plugin provides you an option to hide settings from clients to ensure that he does not change any of the settings by mistake in the early stages.

The setup wizard

First, you need to go to the Settings tab on the WordPress dashboard and click on the White Label Option for accessing the plugin wizard.

The wizard is straightforward to set up. You need to fill up a simple form with the requirements and leave the rest to the plugin. 

Developer Branding

You can set up your brand by adding your details on the wizard’s first step.

The developer’s details include-

  1. Developer Name: Your name for use in the footer and alternative text.
  2. Developer URL: URL of your domain for use in the admin bar and footer.
  3. Footer Text: The text will appear to the right of the footer image.
  4. RSS Feed: The RSS feed address(a file that contains a summary of the website)

Clients Branding

Here you have to set up the clients detail, which includes-

  • Clients Business Name: Name of the client’s business for use in admin page and dashboard title.
  • Login Logo: Here, you have to upload the login logo of the client’s brand.
  • Retina Logo: Replace the retina WordPress logo on the login page. Make sure to use the standard retina format of x2.

The above 2 step wizard is just for the basic setup of the site. The plugin provides more options to customize the site as your own. 

More Options


  • Add admin bar logo with alternative text and URL
  • Hide WordPress logo and links
  • Hide WP version
  • Replace admin footer text with your text, log, and URL
  • Change/Remove “Howdy” admin bar menu
  • Add side menu logo with alternative text and URL


  • Change Login screen background with color or image
  • Add your own logo to the login screen
  • Hide unnecessary links
  • Add custom CSS

Dashboard and Menus

  • Add dashboard icon and title
  • Add a custom Welcome dashboard panel and select the target user roles.
  • Hide dashboard panel
  • Add RSS dashboard panel
  • Show/Hide admin and admin bar menus to the selected admin user


The plugin comes with 3 pricing plans, including Single, Developer, and Saver, which cost $70/month, $24/month, $240/year, respectively. You can use a single site license if you have only one client. 

You can use a Developer license for multiple clients, and a yearly plan gives 2 months free to use the plugin and watch video tutorials.

The plugin offers different license options for hosting companies or WordPress trainers. The prices of the plugin are in USD.


White label CMS is the ideal option for developers to give customized and understandable sites to clients. With this plugin, you can develop a whole new brand and send it to the client.

That’s it. We hope this article helps you understand the plugin setup wizard and configurations.

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