WHM List Account Option Shows 0 Disk Usage For cPanel Accounts

Posted on March 30th, 2017

In this documentation, we can discuss about how to resolve the issue regarding when we tried to list the cPanel accounts in WHM ‘List Accounts’ option, the ‘Disk Used’ portion shows disk usage as 0 for all users.

Disk Zero


To resolve this issue, please follow the below given steps.

1) For a VPS run fixquotas script. Use the below command for this.

 $  /script/fixquotas

This script will fix the issue. But in some cases, when we run that script we receive an output like this:

 $ /scripts/fixquotas

Installing Default Quota Databases……Done

Quota Mode: Linux

journaled quota support: not available with vzaquota (disabled)

checking out /backup

checking out /backup

Quotas have been enabled, however they may not be up to date as quotacheck has been skipped.

Resetting quota for user1 to 2048 M

No filesystems with quota detected.

Resetting quota for user2 to 2048 M

No filesystems with quota detected.


2) Then run quota check command.

 $ quotacheck -vagum

You will get the following error.

 $ quotacheck -vagum

quotacheck: Cannot find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option.


3) Then you need to enter the main node and open the configuration file of OpenVZ and make sure that the quota has been enabled.

 $ vi /etc/vz/vz.conf

## Disk quota parameters




4) Edit the configuration file of the VPS from the main node and add code below.

 $ vi /etc/vz/conf/<vpsid.conf>



5) Restart the VPS to enable the changes.

$  vzctl restart <vpsID>


6) Enter the VPS and again run the fixquota script.

$  /scripts/fixquotas


7) Finally restart the cPanel service.

$   service cpanel restart.


The issue with the disk quota has now been fixed.

Disk Zero


If you need any further help please contact our support department.



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