Windows Hosting MSSQL Support

The database server running on our Windows Web Hosting plans is currently Microsoft SQL 2017 Express. You can create an unlimited amount of databases from inside the Plesk control panel. Each database has a storage limit of 10GB.


17 Responses to “Windows Hosting MSSQL Support”

  1. Ali says:

    Hey There,

    What version of MSSQL are you offering in your Windows hosting package? (Web or standard version)

  2. Mohamed says:

    This means that the database area of 10 GB for each database or is it 10 GB for all databases ??

  3. Andy Lim says:

    Hi there,
    I have an ASP.NET hosting acct here. The default MSSQL i can have is 2012 version. Is there any possibilities i can have version 2014? Thks

  4. Sergey says:

    Can I choose a database name freely (if it doesn’t collide with an existing name on the server), or does it always start with a certain prefix?

  5. Umer says:

    How To connect SqlServer remotely ..Please Give a Proper Server Name For Connection In SqlServer

  6. james says:

    Please, what is the default MS SQL server version installed for the shared hosting because from the comments above, i noticed the default MS SQL server is 2012.

  7. Louis says:

    Can you connect to the MSSQL remotely? How about from an Interserver Windows VPS?

  8. Ahmed says:

    ASP.NET Web Hosting it has MSSQL or not

  9. Ivan says:

    Hello, how can we connect to our databases from something like Sql Server Management Studio? How do we find the connection string information that includes the server info?

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