Wix vs WordPress: The Best CMS Compared!

By on April 30th, 2021

More than 15 popular CMS(Content management systems) are available on the internet for creating a beautiful website. In this case, how can we choose the best CMS for our website? And what are the pros and cons of the CMS systems? As we know, WordPress is the most used and preferable CMS system in the world. But WordPress is not the only one, and There are more options available like Wix, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Wix is also one of the biggest company in the same market. Both WordPress and Wix allows us to create business websites and blogs without any technical knowledge.

In this article, we will learn the main differences between WordPress and Wix. Both Content management systems are ready to use, easy to understand, and effective. Let’s compare both platforms, so you can choose the platform which accomplish your needs.


First of all, Let’s understand both platforms with an overview. In this section, we will talk about CMS fundamentals and the reasons behind their popularity.


WordPress.org : An Open-source content management system.

WordPress is an open-source and free CMS, and it is built with an open-source language called PHP. It uses MySQL DBMS to manage the data. With WordPress, we can create beautiful and attractive web pages without any technical knowledge. Due to it’s Open-source nature, thousands of WordPress developers around the world contribute to the WordPress Ecosystem. And the WordPress Ecosystem contains thousands of free themes and plugins for almost all the features you will ever need to manage a website or a blog.

It helps you develop Business websites, E-commerce Store, Blog, Portfolio, Informative website, an online tool, Automated website and also the membership websites. This CMS is famous worldwide because It is free and easy to use. Another reason behind the popularity is Customizable nature. It is also scalable. Some of the World’s most popular websites are powered with WordPress backend.


Wix.com Website builder

Wix.com is a Software Company that provides cloud-based web development tools and services. With the help of Wix, we can create Desktop and Mobile websites. It also provides a Drag and Drop element facility, making it easy to use without remembering a single line of code. Wix offers hundreds of templates that you can use to make any kind of business websites.

Even we can customize the template with Drag and Drop elements and custom structure for your website. It also provides an app market that gives you the power to grow your websites with different online apps. Wix offers advanced design features like Unlimited Fonts, Scroll effects and Animation.

Now let’s talk about the amount of money you have to spend to use both the content management systems.

Wix vs WordPress: Cost Comparison

The total cost to create and maintain a website is one of the essential factors while we are going to choose our site builder. The total cost of the website will depend on our requirements and choices. In this section, we will learn the total cost for the website with other charges. It will help you to choose the platform which fulfills your budget and needs.


WordPress is an open-source and accessible platform for everyone. But with the WordPress platform, we need to own a domain name and a  hosting account. With the help of some companies like us, you can reduce the cost of web Hosting. InterServer offers web hosting plans for WordPress sites, it’s just $2.75 per month. And, there’s one more required item is an SSL certificate, If you get an InterServer web hosting plan, you will get the SSL certificates for your websites for Free! 

The premium themes and additional plugins are also a part of your website expenses. It also affects your website cost. So, there’s benefits regarding the themes and add-ons because WordPress provides thousands of free themes and plugins. WordPress also offers full support for E-commerce stores. You have to install a plugin called Woo-Commerce to create an E-commerce store. Woo-Commerce is also an Open-Source and free software.


As we know, Wix is a cloud-based online website creation tool. And, it offers a primary website builder for FREE, but there are downsides too. Firstly, Wix adds their branding advertisements on the top and the bottom of our website. The second is we cannot choose a custom domain name for our site. In this case, Our site address will be like “Username.wix.com/sitename.”. You can also set the custom domain name if you have one.

Wix offers many plans like VIP, Unlimited and Basic. The Basic plan of the Wix does not provide necessary add-ons like Google Analytics, Favicon and e-commerce. To remove the ads and unlock the additional features, we have to Premium plans. The Unlimited plan of the Wix is the best plan, which offers Business and e-commerce features too. It costs $12.50 per month. Also, This cost does not include the additional add-on cost. So, we have to pay for the additional tools on the App market.

Conclusion: WordPress is better than Wix, and the reasons behind it is WordPress’s flexiblity and scalability, which provides flexible plans for any WordPress website at an affordable cost. The additional add-ons support also affect the website cost, so the WordPress site is free with many additional plugins. The conclusion is, WordPress is a winner in this cost comparison.

WordPress vs Wix: Usage Comparison

The user experience is also an essential factor that affects our business. Suppose you are creating your website while you don’t have any technical knowledge of coding. In this condition, we require a platform that is easy to use and manage. We can also hire a developer who can create a website on the project bases, but this option will cost a lot! These platforms are easy to use and allow you to create a beautiful and attractive website without learning how to code.


WordPress platform is already famous for its easy to use nature. It comes with a powerful WordPress block editor that allows the user to edit the page with a live preview. This default editor will help you to create different blocks and add elements to them. We can also install and use the page builders like Elementor and Oxygen, which provides drag and drop facilities. It is available in the WordPress library, and we need to install them as a regular plugin.

Also, WordPress offers thousands of themes and many page builders that allow you to create amazing websites with ease. You can also add more features like Image Sliders, Sharing Buttons and other excellent add-ons which attracts the s—All of these things are possible with the Plugins library in WordPress. In short, WordPress is user friendly and easy to use platforms, even for those who don’t know how to code.


Wix offers remarkable and easy to use tools to create or edit a website. Just like WordPress, it also provides a Drag and Drop interface. But here in Wix, you can select the element on our page and edit it in the WYSIWYG interface. You can do everything like dropping the element anywhere on the page, rearranging the elements, adding content or media files because it has a user-friendly environment.

Wix is the best platform for small and medium-size business, and they can start an Ecommerce store and sell their items WorldWide because Wix provides many features on their basic plans. So Wix is also a good platform for those who don’t know how to code.

Conclusion: Both platforms are easy to use and manage web content. We can easily manage the content, Make new pages and manage web business. But WordPress obviously gives you better options to customize than Wix. In my opinion, WordPress is a winner for usability comparison.

WordPress vs Wix: Design and Customisation

The website’s Design, Mechanism and Layout are the main factors that affect your website growth. Also, every site owner wants their website not just good looking but user-friendly too. So, the platform which provides better designs and customization will be the preferable platform. Here is the comparison of both platforms, which platform provides better designs and customization.


As we all know the WordPress provides a theme library, and in this library, there are thousands of themes available. You can find Free and Paid themes in this library. The free themes come with limited support and features, but the premium themes come with all the benefits, features and Premium support options. But, As WordPress is an Open-source system, there are many themes available for Free that provides you advanced features for free! You will always find something that you need.

WordPress offers themes for Small to Medium-large business as well as for E-commerce sites. Also, these all themes and designs are Responsive too. WordPress directory also provides different Page Builders like Divi and Elementor. These page builders will help you to arrange the elements and create a website while saving your time.


Wix offers you more than 600 website themes and designs in its library. These all templates are pre-created and ready to use. All are created in HTML5 and they are responsive too. With the help of built-in tools, you can change the layout and rearrange the elements. You can easily find the templates regarding your business like e-commerce, blogs, personal etc. 

The main disadvantage of the selected template in Wix is, We can’t change the website theme once you choose. But you can modify the theme and customize it as per your requirement. Once you select the template, you can not switch to another template.

Conclusion: WordPress will easily beat the Wix in Design and Themes comparison. Because WordPress has an extensive range of themes in its library, Also these all themes are fully responsive and fully customizable. Don’t forget the main benefit of flexibility to change the template anytime.


So, this is all we need to know about both the systems (WordPress vs wix) to understand which one to select for the upcoming website. In most cases, the WordPress is the clear winner. The major benefit of using WordPress is, It is open-source and thousands of developers around the world contribute to the project. They either improve the WordPress core, or create plugins and themes for WordPress that we can use for Free!

We hope this guide was helpful for you. If you have questions, Please let us know in the following comment section. We will respond as soon as possible.

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