WooCommerce a Free WordPress Plugin for eCommerce

Posted on March 30th, 2017


Nowadays, maintaining or starting an online store for a small-to-medium sized business is very easy. The WooCommerce WordPress plugin would help to start your own web store business, and this is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell your products in a good and beautiful manner. The WooCommerce plugin is a free widely used eCommerce plugin for its simplicity, scalability, and customization with frequent security and performance updates and high-end user review.

Here in this tutorial, we will discuss the steps on how we can install this great WordPress plugin, and how to configure and publish your first product to the online store.

We hope you already have WordPress installed. If you are not done this yet, follow our knowledge base article for the step by step guide on how to install WordPress – https://www.interserver.net/tips/kb/install-wordpress-using-softaculous-in-cpanel/


1) Login to your WordPress dashboard by going to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin where replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name. Once you are in WordPress dashboard, navigate to the plugins on the left-hand panel and click on ‘Add New’ button. If you have any doubts, refer our article on how to install a WordPress Plugin via the dashboard – https://www.interserver.net/tips/kb/how-to-install-plugins-in-wordpress/

2) There you have to search for the ‘WooCommerce’ in the right search bar and install and activate the plugin on your site. You will now redirect to its initial set up wizard, where you have to configure the plugin with your needs. We will go through the important settings to introduce the WooCommerce options to you:

On first ‘Store setup’ stage, here you have to tell WooCommerce where your store is located including the address and which currency and unit measures to use. Once you have filled the form, click on ‘Let’s go!’ button.



On next ‘Payment’ page, by default WooCommerce accepts Paypal payment method. WooCommerce also many other payment methods that you can add later using extra add-ons. You can find more information by click on ‘ Additional payment methods’ hyperlink. Simply enter your Paypal email address on that box and select other options as your wish.



Now the WooCommerce may ask you to login to the Jetpack account. This is not a ┬ánecessary step to start a WooCommerce store, so you can skip this step by click on ‘Skip this step’ at the bottom of the screen.

That’s all! You are successfully configured your WooCommerce store and now its time to add the products. If you already have a backup CSV file of your products, then you can import this by clicking on the button ‘Import Products’. Otherwise, click on the ‘Create a product’ button to add your first product to the store.



Here you have to set a perfect name for your product then enter a long and short description for the product. Next, select the product type from the drop-down menu like Simple, grouped, external/affiliate and variable product. After that, check if the product will be virtual or downloadable.



– General tab: Here you can set two prices for your product here, a regular price and sale price that will be the actual price after discount.

– Inventory tab: If you have a limited inventory, then you can manage it using the inventory tab.

– Advanced tab: Here you can set a custom message that will be sent to your customer after the checkout, and here, you can tick to enable reviews for this product. By default, the reviews are ON for every new item.

Next, is to add the product category, tags and upload one image for your product and it would be good to have an 800 pixel square JPG image file. You can also add a product image gallery while creating or editing the product. Once you have set everything, hit ‘Publish’ button bring this product to live on your site.

That’s all you have now added your first product to your eCommerce site, and you can follow the same steps to add more products to the site.

If you require any additional information or assistance with this, feel free to contact our support team via either LiveChat or Email support.


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