Cache Management in AbanteCart

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Caching plays an important role in the site speed optimisation as well as the overall user experience. It allows you to serve content to your visitors without putting a lot of pressure on the database server. Many Content Management Systems provide caching solution with the help of additional extensions. However, If you are using AbanteCart, [...]

How to Create Customer Groups in AbanteCart

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If you own an eCommerce store, you know that there are different types of customers. Each type has different purchasing patterns and some groups deserve a gift that you want to give exclusively to that group. It is important to maintain a good customer satisfaction and the first step is to identify customers based on [...]

Manage Content Manager in AbanteCart

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AbanteCart is an open-source eCommerce store management system. It is a popular piece of software because it provides almost every feature you will ever need in your eCommerce store. It also allows you to set up payment gateways, set up shipping extensions and much more. In this tutorial, we will see how to manage content [...]

How to Create Forms Manager in AbanteCart?

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In this documentation, we can learn how to create forms manager in AbanteCart.   1) Login to AbanteCart admin panel. 2) Click on the icon ‘Design’.   3) Go to the tab ‘Forms Manager’.   4) Click the button ‘Add’.   5) Enter the forms details.   6) Click on the button ‘Save’.   That [...]

Install Shipping Extension in AbanteCart

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In this tutorial of AbanteCart, we will see how to install an additional shipping extension in the store. AbanteCart is an open-source eCommerce software that allows you to set up an eCommerce store of your own. It has many extensions with different variations that allow you to quickly set up different shipping methods in your [...]

How to Enable SSL in AbanteCart

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SSL certificate protects the data of your visitors by encrypting the communication between the browser and the server. Without the SSL certificate, all the data moving from browser to server and visa-versa is in plain text. SSL certificate has also become one of the most important ranking factor. If you do not have an SSL [...]

How to Manage Zones in AbanteCart?

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Abantecart is an e-commerce platform where you can expand your business by one-step installation and sell your products online. It provides you all the features you need to manage your store in whole world with great efficiency. In this tutorial, We will see one such feature. The feature that allows you to manage the availability [...]

Enable Log Errors in AbanteCart

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Error logging is important. Especially when you are working on your application. It is because, while working on your store, you might face some issues that you can detect if Error logging is enabled. In AbanteCart, you get an option to enable/disable Error logging whenever you want directly from the admin panel. Error logging may [...]

Enable HTML Cache in AbanteCart

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AbanteCart is one of the best eCommerce applications available in the market. It is feature-rich software that allows you to set up your own eCommerce store easily. In this tutorial, I will show you how to enable HTML cache in AbanteCart. Enabling any type of cache will improve the overall performance of your site for [...]

Create Manufacturers in AbanteCart

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AbanteCart is an eCommerce store management system. It allows you to create and manage an eCommerce store without any knowledge of programming. With InterServer, you can launch your own eCommerce store with AbanteCart in minutes. As the eCommerce market is growing, you should have new features in your store regularly to make people's lives convenient. [...]