Setup InterServer Cloud Backup Service for Android Devices

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  As you know currently the Android devices are the most popular mobile device, in a recent survey the Android accounted for more than 80% of the total smartphone devices. They always provide descent upgrades to their operating system software and the latest version is the Nougat version. In a present technical world, most of [...]

Setup InterServer Cloud Backup Service for Windows Workstation

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  It’s very important to have a backup of our local work environment such as Windows PC as there is a different type of threatening or hacks implementing daily in our technical world. It is best to keep a regular backup somewhere safe as in case any such situation comes; we can restore the content [...]

Setup InterServer Cloud Backup Service for Windows Server

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  The backup is very important now a day to protect the data within the server. In case any unexpected server crash or malware affection happens, we can restore the data back to its original state without any trouble. We introduced a new backup solution partnered with the world's best backup solution provider Acronis to [...]

Setup InterServer Cloud Backup Service for Linux Server

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  Now a day it is important to have a working backup for all the data saved on our Linux server. It is very useful in the situations like an unexpected data failure or malware affection within the server, in such cases, we can bring the website/application back to its normal state as soon as [...]