Enabling SPF and DKIM Record in Breadbasket

Posted at February 27, 2017 at 6:41 pm by Jithin

SPF and DKIM is needed to verify the ownership of your sending domains before you can send the email through your account. A received email that is rejected with the reason unsigned indicates the sending domain hasn't been setup properly. The majority of spam emails are sent with fake data in the 'from' field. The spammers use special software or tools to send mails on behalf of the real owner of their email address.  The SPF and DKIM records can be used in your DNS to reduce spam. The Sende   [...]

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Manage Domains in cPanel

Posted at December 1, 2015 at 1:32 pm by Jithin

Using Domains section in cPanel we can add Addon domain, Subdomains, aliases and DNS. Also we can set up URL redirection.   1: Create an Addon Domain: Perform the following steps to create an addon domain. 1: Enter the domain name in “New Domain Name”. 2: The sub domain and document root for the domain automatically creates when you enter the domain name. If you want to change the document root you can edit from “Document Root” box. 3: If you want to create separat   [...]

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