How to Install and Enable mod_mono?

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mod_mono is an apache module. It allows ASP.NET pages to run on different platforms. Mono allows developers to build cross platform applications. This module process requests for ASP.NET pages to mod-mono-server, which is an external program used for handling these requests. A TCP or Unix sockets are used for connecting the Apache module and mod-mono-server. [...]

How to set up ASP.NET version for a Website in Plesk

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The version of Microsoft ASP.NET can be selected depending on the code written for the website. For ASP.NET version 2.0 - 3.5 select version 3.5. For ASP.NET version 4.0 to 4.5 select version 4.5. To set the ASP.NET version in Plesk, please follow the below steps.   1) Login to Plesk control panel. 2) Click [...]

Creating Virtual Directory in Plesk

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Virtual directories allow you to run multiple web applications on a single domain. It is similar to subdomains. In virtual directories, the directory is accessed using the folder path instead of the subdomain name. A virtual directory in Plesk is a link to an existing physical directory that is present on the server's hard disk. [...]

Types of Windows Application Pools

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The configuration settings for all application pools running on the Internet Information Service (IIS) 7 are the main elements of an application pool. Application pools contain one or more worker process. Application pool is assigned with the common settings, which are used to serve for one or more requests. The worker process are then configured [...]

How to Set Session Timeout in Plesk

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1) Login to your Plesk panel. 2) Click ‘Websites&Domains’ option.   3) Please click on the option ‘show more’. 4) Here you can see the option ‘ASP.NET settings ‘. Please click on that option. 5) Go to the ‘Session settings’ section and set the ‘Session timeout’ in the provided text box.   6) Click the [...]