How to Disable AutoSSL Email Notifications from cPanel

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How to Disable AutoSSL Email Notifications from cPanel In cPanel & WHM, our AutoSSL system will notify the customers by sending an email to the cPanel contact email address when there is a successful renewal, expiration, or installation failure. We can enable or disable the notifications of AutoSSL certificates expiry when AutoSSL cannot renew a [...]

cPanel autossl with mod_rewrite rules and site verification

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 cPanel autossl is a free service for cpanel/WHM to give free SSL certificates for domains with an active cpanel license. Like letsencrypt a 90 day certificate is given and ssl certificates are issued when certain requirements are met. Many server administrators have been pushing cpanel for LetsEcrypt to be fully supported but that continues to [...]

How to Enable and Manage AutoSSL in WHM/cPanel

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In this  documentation, we can learn how to enable and manage AutoSSL in WHM/cPanel. AutoSSL helped many cPanel and WHM users who had issues with SSL installation and renewal. With the entry of AutoSSL there are no more fill out, and no more certificates to manually copy.  The Domain will get a Validated SSL certificate [...]