The Ultimate guide on mysqldump – A Database backup program

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Every application needs a database to store information. It does not matter if it is a web application or a mobile application. And the information a database holds is very important for an individual or a company that owns the database. For example, if you are a blogger, you don't want to lose the content [...]

How to Restore from a VestaCP Backup

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VestaCP is one of the best user-friendly web hosting control panels that is widely used on Linux based servers. We already discussed how to take VestaCP backup in our former tutorials. If you have any doubt on how to create the backup on VestaCP, please go through the following link. In this tutorial, we [...]

New cPanel feature – Backup User Selection

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cPanel & WHM is the Duo that you can use to set up your own hosting business in no time. And this duo is compelling as you can create and manage user accounts on your server, Manage to bill and limit usage as per the user's requirement. In cPanel & WHM version 74, some new [...]

Install Backup Agent on Debian and Ubuntu Manually

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  Now a day’s daily backups are essential for your peace of mind. R1Soft Server Manager is a backup platform which offering high protection on both client-side and server-side resources. Here are the steps for installing R1Soft in your Ubuntu server. You can install the R1Soft Backup Agent on your Ubuntu server using the following [...]

WordPress Backup Restoration from Softaculous

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Softaculous is the most popular automatic script installer for popular web hosting panels like cPanel. Not only cPanel, but almost all the standard web hosting panel provides Softaculous to their customers so that they can install the application they desire. Softaculous also keeps track of your backups so that you can restore them whenever you [...]

How to Transfer WHM Backup to Remote Destination Through FTP?

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How to Transfer WHM Backup to Remote Destination Through FTP? The backups are an inevitable part of the websites/Servers. Consider the situation if you have accidentally deleted your website file/directory it may affect your whole website. If you have a valid backup you can simply restore the website from backup so the website backup is [...]

Install and Configure AutoMySQL Backup on Centos

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Install and Configure AutoMySQL Backup on Centos AutoMySQL backup is a utility for creating daily, weekly, monthly backups of the MySQL databases on your server. It generates the backups of the databases and compress them in to archive files. AutoMySQL backup comes along with a lot of features like 1) Backup compression and Encryption 2) [...]

Schedule Automatic Backup in Plesk

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In Plesk control panel, there is an option to take the full back of the server automatically. We can setup the backup according to the backup periods available. Mainly three backup period options are available in the Plesk control panel and they are daily, weekly and monthly.  In this documentation, we are going to discuss [...]

How to Restore cPanel Accounts from WHM?

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How to Restore cPanel Accounts from WHM? You can restore cPanel accounts directly from WHM. In this tutorial, we can check how to restore cPanel accounts from WHM. 1) Login to WHM and search for backup.   2) From there select the option "Restore a full Backup/cpmove File"   3) After selecting the above-mentioned option, [...]

WHM Backup Configuration Explained

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Backups are inevitable part of websites/servers. If you are owner of a website/server, you should find some space to store the backup of your product. Otherwise the impact will be high if the server ran into any issues. Now, website administrators are given more priority to automate backups rather than manual backups. With cPanel there [...]