Installing Webuzo on a fresh CentOS7

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  Webuzo is a solitary client control board/Application Director which permit clients to convey mainstream web applications like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and so forth with a single click. No System Administrator level skills are required to introduce such applications. You need to concentrate on utilizing the application as opposed to keeping up that application [...]

Manage Let’s Encrypt on Breadbasket

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In this documentation we can discuss about how to manage Let’s Encrypt on Breadbasket panel. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open SSL certificate authority. The Let’s Encrypt makes it possible to achieve the browser trusted SSL certificates for your domains, free of cost. Additionally, the certificate will renew automatically every 90 days. With [...]

Enabling SPF and DKIM Record in Breadbasket

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SPF and DKIM is needed to verify the ownership of your sending domains before you can send the email through your account. A received email that is rejected with the reason unsigned indicates the sending domain hasn't been setup properly. The majority of spam emails are sent with fake data in the 'from' field. The [...]

How to Backup and Restore – Breadbasket

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Breadbasket is the control panel that InterServer offers to our VPS customers. Breadbasket is an easy to use control panel and is free of cost.  It is similar to the cPanel interface. It is far enough to run a WordPress website. In this documentation, we are going to see how to take backups and restore [...]

The Best Web Hosting Control Panels – Overview

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Web hosting control panels provide a web-based interface for managing hosted services in a single place. There are some common features for all control panels which include, FTP management, database management, email management etc.   Overview of some Top Control Panels 1) cPanel cPanel is the most popular and widely used control panel. cPanel interface [...]

Install a Script

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Login to Bread Basket Access the Bread Basket Enduser Section with your access credentials. Choose a Script You can choose script in two ways: 1.Golden Star: The New GUI allows to quick install Top Sripts. Choose among the scripts you want to install. 2.On the left side you will find some categories of Scripts. Choose [...]

Install System Apps

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Choose a Application 1. Click on the Apps menu in the Bread Basket Menu Bar 2. On the left side you will find some categories of Applications. Choose an app from it. We are installing Apache, which belongs to the category Web Servers.The application details will appear with various details like ratings, reviews, size etc. [...]

Install SSL Certificate

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Navigate to Install Certificate Navigate to the Install Certificate menu in the Security section. Procedure Click on the Fetch button to retrieve Private Key, Certificates, etc if any. Alternately, paste details for Installing the SSL Certificate. Click on Install Button to Install a SSL Certificate. Required Inputs Domain - Specify the domain for which the [...]

Manage Domain

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Procedure You can Manage a Domain/ Sub-domain / Alias from your Bread Basket Panel > Features > Manage Domain Screenshot : Manage Domain You can manage your Domain here : Bread Basket allows user to manage all the domains at a single point. Click on the Domain name to access and Test it's working. Video Tutorial

Add Domain

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Procedure You can Add a Domain/ Sub-domain / Alias from your Bread Basket Panel > Features > Add Domain Screenshot : Add Domain Add Domain STEPS 1. Populate the input field with the Domain you want to ADD. For e.g : 2. Click on the Add Domain Button to ADD the Domain. 3. Click on Manage [...]

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