Where can I find CGI scripts?

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Our control panels provide some "canned" scripts you can automatically install. You are also free to install your own scripts. There are resources to find scripts on the internet. We suggest cgi-resources.com, hotscripts.com and freshmeat.net.

What is PERL And How to Install in Linux

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  PERL- Practical Extraction and Reporting Language (not an official acronym), is a stable and cross-platform language and was created by Larry Wall. Perl is an open source, general-purpose, interpreted language. Programs written in Perl are called Perl scripts. Perl supports both Procedural language and Object Oriented language and has powerful built-in support for text [...]

CGI Script

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  CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI runs on a web server to enhance the site.  We can simply define CGI script is any program that runs on a web server and it a standard way how the information will be passed to and from the browser and server. It is the most common [...]

What are file permissions?

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Linux servers have different possible file permissions which can be set on a file or folder. By default the permissions will be set to 0644, which allow you to read/write to the file but others will be only allowed to read the file. Files such as cgi scripts need to be set to executable. A [...]

I am getting a 500 error. What is that?

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A 500 error on a script usually means there is a syntax error. There are two good ways to debug a script. You can first check your error log located in either the cPanel or Admin Center control panel. The second way is to log into your shell and move to the directory the script [...]

I need a certain PERL module installed. Can this be done?

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In most cases this can be done. However, we will only install a module available from CPAN. To request this you should open a ticket through our website. You can view the perl modules already installed through one of the Control Panels we provide.   If you need any further assistance please contact our support [...]