Importing .sql file in MySQL via command line and phpMyAdmin

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Websites using databases have become common now. A website can have unlimited number of databases unless the package under which the website is hosted or the plan provided by the hosting provider restricts the number of databases a website can have. When working with databases, it is necessary to back up data in case you [...]

How to Enable Bash on Windows 10?

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Bash for Windows is an Ubuntu-based tool that helps to run familiar Linux applications on Windows. This is not a virtual machine, container, chroot, or a full Linux distribution. It is basically a medium to run Linux applications mostly based on the terminals and Bash commands in Windows 10. It provides access to the Windows [...]

Installing PgBouncer and it’s Features

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PgBouncer is a lightweight PostgreSQL connection pooler. PgBouncer is used to lower the performance impact of opening new connections to PostgreSQL. It is a lightweight connection pooler for Postgres and it reduces the processing time and resources for maintaining a large number of client connections to one or more databases. PgBouncer is a pre-bundled enterprise [...]