Cookie Settings in Joomla

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In this documentation, we can check the cookie settings in Joomla.   1) Login to Joomla admin panel. 2) Go to ‘System’.   3) Click the option ‘Global Configuration’.   4) Go to the tab ‘Site’.   5) Enter the details in the section ‘Cookie Settings’.   6) Click the button ‘Save’.   That is [...]

What is Session Hijacking and how to prevent it?

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What is Session Hijacking? The session hijacking is a type of web attack. It works based on the principle of computer sessions. The attack takes advantage of the active sessions. To know this in detail, we need to know what is a session. Let's see what is a session and how the session works first. [...]

About 404 errors and how to Troubleshoot it?

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What are 404 errors? The 404 is an http status code. There are many other status codes as 401, 403, etc. Every status code has its own meaning. The 404 code means the requested item could not be found.  What is an HTTP Status Code? The http status code is a standard response code given [...]