How to Set Mail Server in DirectAdmin?

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In this tutorial, we are going to see how to set the mail server in DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin helps the client for the easier administration of their websites, as it has a graphical web-based control panel. DirectAdmin is usually referred to as "DA" in the web hosting industry. They are mainly adaptable with Linux operating system, [...]

How to Enable PhpMyAdmin and RoundCube Auto-Login in DirectAdmin

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cPanel is one of the most common and widely used control panels. But cPanel has recently announced a massive increase in their pricing scheme. This increase in the price schema has impacted so many customers and businesses. So, customers are now migrating their cPanel sites to other control panels, and some of them are migrating [...]

Set up DirectAdmin to Use a Remote MySQL Server

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We can set up MySQL to be run on an external server when we have a large database that would require management and monitoring of its own. The best way to do so is to host MySQL on a different server. Then we can connect our application to our Remote MySQL database which is pretty [...]

Redirect Website /Path to Use HTTPS in DirectAdmin

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Nowadays, If you are not using an SSL certificate on your website, visitors might not trust your website. Google too, prefers sites with SSL over the sites that do not have SSL certificates. In this tutorial, we will see how to redirect our website from http to https automatically for all the users. If you [...]

How to Use IPv6 Address in DirectAdmin

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  As we all know that what is an IP address?. It is nothing but a logical numeric address that is assigned to each and every single computer, printer, switch, router, mobiles or any other device that is part of a TCP/IP-based network. An IP address is the most significant and important component in the [...]

Too Low or 0.00 Disk Usage in DirectAdmin

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  To check the partition on our server, need to run the following commands. df -h The result would depend on what kind of partition we used on the server. If the server having an /home partition, then your quota_partition value will be /home. If it was not, then it will be /, so your [...]

Autodiscover Information For Mail Clients in DirectAdmin

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  Autodiscover is a system to figure out which settings to use for the POP/IMAP/SMTP settings, that allows the mail client users to configure their email address automatically. We can set up this in DirectAdmin with basic requirement: subdomain and an SRV record. You can add the SRV record on which domain you wish to [...]

Hostname and the servername you have set in DirectAdmin, do not match

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  Have you ever get an error like “Your hostname, and the servername you have set in DirectAdmin,, do not match”?. If you have got this message, there is a solution to this. This error is mainly occurring due to the incorrect setup /dev/null file. First of all, makes sure the hostname isn't simply [...]

Install Zend OPcache in DirectAdmin

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  Zend OPcache is basically a modern PHP script caching module which helps to accelerate the PHP performance on the server. It gives a faster PHP execution through Opcode caching and optimization. It also improves the performance of PHP by storing the pre-compiled script code in the shared memory of the server.   This pre-compiled [...]

Add Reseller Account in DirectAdmin

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  DirectAdmin is a commercial webhosting control panel which brings a graphical user interface like cPanel, Webuzo etc. It is the same as other control panels in which it can provide tasks such as website creation, database management etc... While creating the reseller package you will get some error like "Unable to create a reseller...  [...]