How to customize EasyApache4?

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In this documentation we can check how to customize EasyApache4 from WHM interface. You may be familiar with old EasyApache3 version which is actually going to become obsolete within the next two years. cPanel will recommend us to upgrade to EasyApache4. EasyApache4 is very different from its predecessor, containing more features and a new user [...]

How to Install Modules via EasyApache

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In this documentation, we can learn how to install modules via EasyApache.   1) Login to WHM. 2) Click on the option ‘Software’.   3) Select the icon ‘EasyApache3’.   4) Select the apache version and click the button ‘Next step’.   5) Then you will enter the another page, here we can change the [...]

Understanding Mod_proxy

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Mod_proxy is an apache module that is used for implementing a proxy for apache web server. Mod_proxy provides basic proxy capabilities and it manages connections and redirects them. It is used to support virtual host proxies. Mod_proxy can be used as a forward or reverse proxy. A forward proxy forwards to an arbitrary destination where [...]