All about Junk Email Filter

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In this tutorial we will learn about Junk Email Filter, levels of junk email filters, and management. The Junk Email is used to keep junk email messages. It is also known as spam and it can be moved to the junk email folder.   Working The junk email filter checks each incoming message, whether the message [...]

About Zimbra-Email Server Collaboration

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Introduction to Zimbra Zimbra is an open source package, is a group of software developed by Zimbra, Inc. Zimbra is also known as Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). Zimbra software released as a commercial edition includes technical support, but the open source package doesn’t have the technical support feature. ZCS consists of client interface and a [...]

How to Add an Email Account in Webuzo?

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In this tutorial we can check how to add an email account in Webuzo. Webuzo is a solitary client control board/Application Director which permit clients to convey mainstream web applications like Word Press, Joomla, and Drupal with a single click. You need to concentrate on utilizing the application as opposed to keeping up that applications [...]

How to Clear Default Mail Account in a cPanel Server

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Default mail account In every cPanel server, we can find a default mail account in the name of cPanel username. The default mail account is not used for normal mailing purposes. All the notification mails from the server are forwarded to this default mail account. cPanel also routes mails sent to the non-existing email accounts [...]

Email Greylisting. How does greylisting work?

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Spamming is a major concern for all Internet users. Greylisting and tarpitting are two methods to discourage or stop email spamming. We are going to see these methods in detail in this article.   What is Spam A spam email is the one you've received in your inbox when it has not specifically been asked [...]

Configure the Number of Outgoing Messages in Plesk

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How to Configure the Number of Outgoing Messages in Plesk? Plesk allows admins to set up a limit on outgoing messages for a domain or email address to avoid spam and it is set by the hosting provider. Follow the below steps to setup the limit on the number of outgoing messages in Plesk.   [...]

All You Need to Know About Email Reputation

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Email Email stands for Electronic mail. We can send and receive mails via electronic means. There are various free email service providers. To send and receive emails from a particular provider, you must have email account(s) with them. It is not necessary to use these services. If you have a domain, you could create unlimited [...]

What is a Proper Email Structure?

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Every computer user is familiar with email. It is one of the modern communication mediums that has influenced society. Knowledge pertaining to the structure of the email will help us to use it effectively. We are going to discuss what email is and how it is structured.   What is Email? “Email” stands for electronic [...]

Exactly How Emails Works – Steps and Explanation

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We all use emails because it is fast and makes our lives easier.  In the conventional mailing system, the processing time was indefinite. When comparing both systems, there is a drastic difference. However, in some unusual situations, the emails could be delayed unpredictably. Knowing how the email system works is important to all the email [...]

Understanding Bounce Back Emails

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Emails have been an obligatory part of our daily life. Almost every computer users will be using emails in their day to day life. There will be at least one situation that we have got a bounce back email in our email communications. What is really a bounce back message and what are its causes? [...]

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