Email Account Password Reset in cPanel and Webmail

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  As a part of Email management, new account creation, removal of old email account is the common things that we do. Another important process is the password reset of the existing email accounts. It is also a very important process and preferred to perform it periodically as a security precaution. I have explained how [...]

Find the Potential Spammer Account in cPanel/Exim

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In this tutorial we can check how to find the potential spammer account in cPanel Exim mail server. What is Spam?             In technical spam is an Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), means email messages sent to a personal machine without the prior request.   Types of Spam 1) Phishing spam 2) Foreign bank spam 3) [...]

Importing Email Forwarders using a CSV or Excel File in cPanel

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The feature "Address Importer" in cPanel provides a useful option to import email accounts using a CSV or Excel file. This feature helps to migrate all email accounts and email forwarders from one server to another. This way you can create all the email forwarders to a new server in one go.   CSV format [...]

How to Configure Email Piping in WHMCS?

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How to Configure Email Piping in WHMCS? WHMCS is one of the leading web hosting automation platform. WHMCS provides the tools you need to start a web hosting business. WHMCS handling signups, provisioning, billing, and support. The main features that are provided by WHMCS are: Save Time Automate Billing Web & Domains Support Tools Developer [...]

Migrate Email Accounts from Zoho to cPanel

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Migrate Email Accounts from Zoho to cPanel   If you have IMAP in Zoho account, we can migrate emails via IMAP copy. To do this we need following details. IMAP server name(Zoho). Zoho username and Zoho user account password. new cPanel email address and password. We have noticed that Zoho does not provide IMAP for [...]

Extended Exim Logging

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Extended Exim Logging Exim is a mail transfer agent (MTA) used on Linux based system and which is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License. Most cPanel's are comes with exim as default and it is very easy to use. Exim is very flexible in the way of mail can be routed, and [...]

How to Manage Email Accounts Suspension in cPanel?

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to manage email accounts suspension more prominently. The new release of cPanel & WHM 70 comes with a wide variety of features with it. It includes the email account management in it. The interface now displays functions such as Access Webmail and Manage Suspension. This [...]

Email Archiving on cPanel Server

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Email Archiving on cPanel Server The email archiving feature helps a cPanel user to save incoming, outgoing or mailing list messages for a particular domain for a specific amount of time. You can find this compressed file under the mail directory in cPanel file manager. Every day, a new directory will be created in the [...]

How to Migrate Emails Using imapsync?

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How to Migrate Emails Using imapsync?   What is imapsync? Imapsync is a method used in website migration. Imapsync copies mailboxes from one server to another during migration. For performing imapsync, the email accounts should use IMAP protocol instead of POP3. Imapsync is a good tool for copying mailboxes because it will not transfer emails [...]

Difference Between Maildir and Mbox’s Directory Structure

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Maildir and Mbox are email formats which act as a directory for storing messages in email applications.  Mbox was the original mail storage system on a cPanel server, but now Maildir is the default option. Mbox places all messages in the same file on the server, whereas, Maildir stores messages in individual files with unique [...]