Filezilla FTP – Connection Timeout Error

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When accessing the server via FTP using Filezilla, if it displays connection timeout error, you will need to change the Filezilla settings to resolve the issue. Steps to resolve timeout issue. 1) Open FileZilla. 2) Click on ‘Edit’ and select settings.   3) Then click on ‘Connection’. You can see the field ‘Timeout in seconds’, [...]

Managing FTP accounts in Webuzo Control Panel

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File Transfer Protocol is used for uploading and managing the website files. In this documentation, we are introducing the way to manage FTP accounts in Webuzo control panel. To access the server using FTP, the user should have a FTP client software like Filezilla. Additionally, they should have a FTP username and a password. The [...]

FileZilla Features and Overview

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What is Filezilla The Filezilla is a software which is an FTP application. It consists of Filezilla server and Filezilla client. The Filezilla clients are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX while Filezilla server is available only for windows. The Filezilla client supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS but the support for SFTP (SSH File [...]