How to Increase FTP Visible File Limits

By | 2019-06-10T08:11:29+00:00 June 10th, 2019|

In this tutorial, we can check how to increase FTP Visible File Limits. By default, the PureFTP server on the cPanel set a limit to the number of files displayed through an FTP client. It is usually 10000, if you wish to view more than 10000 files through your FTP server, then you can follow-up [...]

How to Overcome FTP Max Connection from a Single IP in WHM/cPanel?

By | 2018-11-19T21:56:09+00:00 November 19th, 2018|

There are two types of FTP servers that cPanel offers that are Pure-FTPD and ProFTPD. By default, Pure FTPD is the default FTP server. If your FTP client is using more than 8 connections at the same time from a single IP, then you'll get an error message similar to this: "421 Too many connections". [...]

Install WordPress Theme Using FTP Client Filezilla

By | 2018-11-05T19:44:50+00:00 November 5th, 2018|

Install WordPress Theme Using FTP Client Filezilla We can modify our WordPress site's appearance and layout using WordPress themes. WordPress theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. WordPress theme changes the look of our WordPress sites in an elegant way without changing [...]

Filezilla FTP – Connection Timeout Error

By | 2018-08-17T01:51:02+00:00 April 16th, 2017|

When accessing the server via FTP using Filezilla, if it displays connection timeout error, you will need to change the Filezilla settings to resolve the issue. Steps to resolve timeout issue. 1) Open FileZilla. 2) Click on ‘Edit’ and select settings.   3) Then click on ‘Connection’. You can see the field ‘Timeout in seconds’, [...]

How to Install FTP on Ubuntu

By | 2018-08-17T01:49:18+00:00 February 27th, 2017|

In this tutorial we can learn how to install FTP on Ubuntu What is FTP FTP is a client server protocol that allows two communication channels between client and server. Using a FTP client we will be able to upload, download, and delete the files on the server. Initially, the client needs to authenticate the FTP [...]

Managing FTP accounts in Webuzo Control Panel

By | 2018-07-26T07:30:23+00:00 February 27th, 2017|

File Transfer Protocol is used for uploading and managing the website files. In this documentation, we are introducing the way to manage FTP accounts in Webuzo control panel. To access the server using FTP, the user should have a FTP client software like Filezilla. Additionally, they should have a FTP username and a password. The [...]

How to install cPanel/WHM on CentOS 7

By | 2018-10-24T16:46:02+00:00 December 13th, 2016|

In this tutorial, we can check how to install cPanel on a CentOS 7 server. Before installing cPanel onto the server Perl must be installed. For that, login as root and run the given below command: yum install perl -y The next step is to set a host-name for the server. The host-name must be [...]

FileZilla Features and Overview

By | 2018-08-17T01:51:18+00:00 October 28th, 2016|

What is Filezilla The Filezilla is a software which is an FTP application. It consists of Filezilla server and Filezilla client. The Filezilla clients are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX while Filezilla server is available only for windows. The Filezilla client supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS but the support for SFTP (SSH File [...]

How to copy website files to another site in Plesk?

By | 2018-08-17T01:49:54+00:00 October 28th, 2016|

This tutorial will help you to copy website files to another site or external FTP storage using the 'website copying' tool in Plesk. This is an excellent tool to copy the website to the existing account or to a remote computer via FTP storage. Please be noted that the databases must be copied. To do [...]

How to Update WordPress Manually via FTP

By | 2018-08-07T13:13:16+00:00 September 22nd, 2016|

In this documentation, we can check how to update WordPress manually using FTP.   Download WordPress Download the most current WordPress release documents from the WordPress site to your PC.   Extract WordPress documents Extract the compressed document that you just downloaded to an area on your PC.   Find the records in your FTP [...]

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