MY API Documentation

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API documentation for MY is located here:¬† Full List of Functions located here:¬†   If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.

Interserver WHMCS Module

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Interserver Provisioning  WHMCS Module  We have a WHMCS provisioning module which provides you the communication of your WHMCS instance with INET server. Inet server module is for resellers of "" Resellers can manage their all orders for VPS and billing from WHMCS. This module provisions VPS for reseller on Inet Server. Reseller can also suspend, [...]

Changing package prices in Interserver WHMCS Module

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How to change the package prices in Interserver WHMCS Module ? In this documentation, we can discuss about how to change the price of VPS packages inside the Interserver WHMCS module. To do this please follow the below given steps: 1) Login to WHMCS admin panel. 2) Go to the tab Setup>>Product/Services>> Configure options.   [...]