Payment methods

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Interserver accepts a wide variety of payment methods to make paying for your hosting as easy as possible. How to pay your bill Login to Go to Billing > view balance. Or click here: On the view balance page, you will see all unpaid invoices and the available payment methods.     Making [...]

How to update and pay with a credit card at

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To enable credit cards log into with your email address as the username. If you have lost your password please reset it at Once logged in at the TOP of the page look for a link called Billing. Once updated go to update personal information. At this interface you can select credit card [...]

How to cancel your VPS

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Hello, At any time you can cancel your VPS in First, log into with your email address and password. Select the vps from the top right drop down menu, or open the VPS tab at the top and open list vps. On the VPS information page, which shows the IP address and other [...]

How do I cancel my account?

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Virtual Hosting/SSL/Backups/Licensing: To cancel a VPS, Webhosting, Remote Backups or any licenses, please log into and select Cancel option under the service you wish to cancel Dedicated servers: To cancel a dedicated server, please log into, click on tickets, and open a new ticket requesting cancelation. For all the above-mentioned services you have [...]

How do I update my billing information?

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For Dedicated Server Clients: Billing information can be updated through For Shared Hosting Customers Billing information can be updated through Click on "website area" on top and log in with your domain (no w's) and password. If you are having issues logging into the interfaces above, account information for any accounts can be [...]

How do I renew my account?

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Our web hosting accounts are on a recurring billing cycle. This means your account will automatically renew on the next billing date based on the billing cycle chosen. All accounts have 30 days to pay off any outstanding invoice. If you are paying by check an email will sent reminding you of your billing date. [...]

Account Level Filtering

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Account filters can be used to handle mail from a particular sender in the desired way: to redirect it to another account, place it in a folder, fail with a message to the sender, delete it with no message to sender, or pipe it to a program. To set up a filter click on Create [...]

Change payment method from credit card to paypal

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To switch your payment method to paypal from credit card log into with your email address and password. If you have lost the password use Once logged in at the top right open the billing tab and select Update Personal Information under Legacy billing and Above reports. Under Disable "I Forgot My Password" [...]