How to Register Nameserver in InterServer?

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In this tutorial, we can check how to register nameserver in InterServer InterServer provides the following nameservers by default. If you are using above nameservers for your domain, you can manage DNS from here   You can use your own custom nameservers for the following services. VPS. Rapid Deploy. Dedicated Server.   [...]

How to Buy Additional Licenses from InterServer?

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In this tutorial, we can discuss how to buy an additional license for your account from your InterServer client portal.   You may watch the following video tutorial or continue reading.     1) First, you need to log into your client portal at using your registered email address and password.   [...]

How to Reinstall VPS Operating System?

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How to Reinstall the Operating System? If you want to reinstall your server's operating system, you can easily do it from your InterServer client area. Please note that reinstalling your operating system will vanish all the existing data on your server. Please follow the below steps to reinstall your operating system.   1) log in [...]

How to Remote Desktop to Windows

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How to Remote Desktop to Windows   There are several ways to connect to a remote PC across the internet such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC etc. Windows has two built-in tools to access remote PC, they are Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Assistance.  You can connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection that is [...]

How to login or access

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The is the portal where you can start, manage and cancel services with InterServer. You can to login  to make a payment, add a credit card, raise a support ticket, etc. It's easy to login to your portal. This guide will show you how you can login to Go to the login page: [...]

Add and Manage Nameservers with InterServer

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  After uploading the website contents or when the migration of your website is finished, you need to update the new nameservers at the domain registrar end. Your domain will be pointed to our servers when the nameserver change takes effect. It may take up to 24 hours to finish the propagation of any DNS [...]

Enable and setup CloudFlare with InterServer

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Cloudflare is a free web service that secures and accelerates the website performance by the act as a proxy between the website viewer and Our servers. Through this technology, you can protect your web sites against malicious visitors and DDOS attacks and also you can save Bandwidth and reduce the page load times which will [...]

Which Hosting Plan Should I Choose?

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Are you looking for a hosting plan? Confused which one to choose? Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting? Continue reading this article to help you determine the best plan that suits your requirements.   Shared Hosting Plans These are our most affordable and economical web hosting plans. Shared web hosting means multiple users share [...]

When should you upgrade from VPS to a Dedicated Server?

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Both VPS Hosting Plan and Dedicated Hosting Plan are almost similar. How do you know when you should upgrade from a VPS to a Dedicated Server? First let's check what is VPS Hosting and What is Dedicated Hosting.   VPS Hosting Plans A VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is a shared server platform that [...]