How to Fix Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress

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The WordPress is an open source website creation tool written in PHP. Every WordPress website contains a theme and plugins that add the JavaScript and CSS files to the front-end of the WordPress website. The main advantage of these scripts which can increase the website performance, and also, they can block the rendering of the [...]

What is Node.js? an overview

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What is Node.js? Node.js is an open-source, cross-stage JavaScript runtime environment for building up a different assortment of instruments and applications. In spite of the fact that Node.js is not a JavaScript system, a number of its essential modules are composed in JavaScript, and engineers can compose new modules in JavaScript. The runtime environment translates [...]

Installing CouchDB and it’s Features

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CouchDB is an open source database software that completely embraces the web. It is developed by an Apache software foundation. It stores your data with JSON documents. CouchDB uses HTTP to access the documents and query indexes with the web browser. It uses JavaScript to Index, combine, and transform the documents. CouchDB provides an easy [...]

Understanding Apache MIME types

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MIME stands for Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions. Apache MIME types are used to tell browsers how to handle certain types of files. MIME types are a form of an instruction set that informs web browsers about the type of file and how the file will be served to the user. Then if it is a.J's [...]