Mount Custom ISO on KVM VPS

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You may already know that we are providing a vast list of operating systems that you can choose from when creating your VPS. But do you know you can also upload custom ISO and create a VPS with the Image OS of your choice? In this tutorial, we will show you how you can do [...]

virsh error: could not find capabilities for arch=x86 64

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When starting vm's the error could not find capabilities means one of two things in most cases. First, the directory /var/cache/libvirt/qemu/capabilities/ may not be writable. One possible solution is removing it and restarting libvirt with service libvirtd restart or systemctl restart libvirtd.service Also check that the file system is not out of space. The second [...]

When should you upgrade a VPS slice?

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You can upgrade or downgrade vps slices from the InterServer customer control panel itself. Let's discuss some situations when you should upgrade a VPS Slice.   If you own a VPS from us then you may already know what is a VPS Slice. For those who don't know, check the description below.   What is [...]

When should you upgrade from Shared Hosting to VPS?

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Do you have a shared hosting plan with us? When should you upgrade from shared hosting to a vps? Before we start, you should know the difference between a shared hosting plan and a vps plan.   Shared Hosting Plans These are our most affordable and budget friendly web hosting plans. Shared web hosting means [...]

Simple steps to install KVM in Linux

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In this tutorial we can learn how to install KVM in Linux KVM stands for kernel based virtual machine. KVM is an open source hardware virtualization software, so we can install KVM free of charge. We can create and run multiple Linux and Windows based operating systems on KVM. The KVM module loaded into the [...]

About KVM ( Kernel-based Virtual Machine )

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Overview KVM (Portion based Virtual Machine) is the main open source complete virtualization arrangement on x86 equipment and it underpins all major working frameworks including Linux and Windows. KVM empowers associations to be light-footed by giving strong adaptability and versatility that fit their particular business requests. KVM changes over the Linux bit into an exposed [...]

Purchase Additional IPs on a VPS

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  Additional IPs can be purchased in our portal. 1) Please login your client area with your registered email address and password.   2) Select the VPS (in which you want to purchase additional IP address) in the list of VPS from the home page.   3) Click on the option ‘Purchase Additional IP’ [...]

How to Remote Desktop to VPS

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This tutorial will help you set a password and Remote Desktop to a Windows VPS running on the KVM platform. If you are running on the Hyper-v platform your the VNC option will not be available and the password was already set and emailed directly to you. Please refer to this tutorial to see how [...]