How to fix ‘OpenLiteSpeed is functioning normally’ error?

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'OpenLiteSpeed is functioning normally' error mostly happens when we're using free Open Source 'LiteSpeed' webserver. This webserver is most frequently used for individual sites that don't change often. This is because OpenLiteSpeed requires a restart to load any new .htaccess file. We can fix this issue by just restarting the 'Litespeed' webserver in Directadmin via [...]

How can you Switch to Apache from Litespeed in WHM?

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Apache and Litespeed are web servers. Both of them are good in their own ways and both of them does the same kind of work. A web server's work is to handle the request, perform all the code execution tasks using different compilers, create a static HTML page that can be served on the browser [...]

LiteSpeed Cache is Disabled Warning on WordPress

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  As the name implies, the Litespeed cache is a cache and it is used in the Litespeed Web Server. The Litespeed web server is a substitute to the Apache Web Server. Some times we will face an issue that the lite speed cache is disabled as follows on  WordPress.   Here I’m telling about [...]

Purchase LiteSpeed Web Server from WHM’s Interface

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  LiteSpeed Web Server is a more advanced and powerful substitute for Apache web servers. LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) can directly read Apache configuration files and it is compatible with the Apache features, including .htaccess, mod_rewrite and mod_security rules. One of the advantages is that it can replace Apache in less than 15 minutes with [...]

Enable Litespeed Cache for All WordPress Websites in cPanel

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  What is Browser Caching When a user visits a website, the elements on the page they visit are stored in a cache, so the next time if the user again visits the same site, your browser can load the page without having to send another HTTP request to the server. Install WordPress plugins which [...]

Everything about LiteSpeed QUIC ( Quick UDP Internet connections )

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Everything about LiteSpeed QUIC ( Quick UDP Internet connections )   QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet connections. This is an experimental transport layer network protocol which is designed to provide security protection equivalent to TLS/SSL. QUIC helps to reduce connection establishment time and improve congestion control.   Connection establishment The two protocols HTTP/2 and [...]

How to Change the Listening Port of LiteSpeed Web Server?

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You can simply change the listening port of your Litespeed web server from WHM. The LiteSpeed Web Server allows you to change the port number from WHM panel. The port offset in the LiteSpeed panel allows you to run Apache and LiteSpeed in parallel by running LiteSpeed on a separate port. Please follow the steps [...]

What is mod_pagespeed and how to enable it?

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What is mod_pagespeed and how to enable it?   PageSpeed (mod_pagespeed) is a module for OpenLiteSpeed webserver, to speed up our websites on the server. PageSpeed module will speed up your websites by applying filters to files in order to reduce the number of requests from browsers to our server. It also reduces the size [...]

How to Configure SSL in Lighttpd?

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How to Configure SSL in Lighttpd? SSL provides secure data communication by encrypting data between server and client. All the sites running with SSL are used https protocol on default port 443. We can configure SSL in Lighttpd server like apache server.   Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR) For create SSL certificate, the first requirement [...]

Install LiteSpeed Enterprise Version on cPanel Server

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Install LiteSpeed Enterprise Version on cPanel Server LiteSpeed is a webserver that can be used instead of Apache on our server which provides high performance, secure, easy to use functionalities. The LiteSpeed can sometimes be more efficient than Apache webserver for very high-traffic websites without adding any more resources to the server. We can implement [...]