What is Sendmail? Sendmail Configuration and Details

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Have you ever heard about Sendmail? If you are running a cPanel website, you should be familiar with the Exim and you may know how Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) works. As cPanel has become the most popular control panel,  Exim has become the popular MTA. cPanel has Exim as the default MTA. Even for those [...]

How To Install Postfix From Source

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In this tutorial, we can check how to install Postfix from source. Postfix is a free and open-source Mail Transfer Agent(MTA) that routes and delivers Emails. It is the most popular alternative for the widely used Send mail MTA. A Mail Transfer Agent is any software that transfers Emails from one computer to another. The [...]

Features and Details of Qmail MTA

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Qmail is a mail transfer agent (MTA) supported on Unix. It was written, in December 1995, by Daniel J. Bernstein as a more secure replacement for the popular Sendmail program. Originally an open-source software, Qmail's source code was later dedicated in the public domain by the author.   Specialties of Qmail Solid: Qmail's straight-paper-way reasoning [...]

Manage Exim Mail Queue in WHM

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Exim is a mail transfer agent and free software used in the UNIX- like operating system. Exim is used to control email delivery in our server because of the mail queue management option is enabled in the server. We can use Exim directly via command line also.   Mail Queue Manager in WHM Now we [...]

Useful Exim Commands with examples

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In UNIX system, the message transfer agent used (MTA) is Exim. Under the terms of GNU General Public License, the Exim is freely available. Exim is used for locating the spam activity on the servers. Using the Exim command, we can route the mail and facilities for checking incoming mail. Configuration of Exim is little [...]