Why should you choose Managed Hosting?

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What is managed hosting? Why you should choose Managed Hosting? In this article we can discuss those topics.   What is Managed Hosting? With managed hosting, customers may have access to servers, but they rarely use it. The hosting provider will manage the hardware , operating system, maintenance, and will install and troubleshoot the applications and [...]

When should you upgrade from Shared Hosting to VPS?

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Do you have a shared hosting plan with us? When should you upgrade from shared hosting to a vps? Before we start, you should know the difference between a shared hosting plan and a vps plan.   Shared Hosting Plans These are our most affordable and budget friendly web hosting plans. Shared web hosting means [...]

InterServer Logos

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Download: PSD LOGO Or PDF LOGO Small 144x144   Small 211×76   Very Large 3000x691   949x933   1024x1024   Transparent Background 949x933   Transparent background White Letters 949x933   629x2999 Vertical   1024x1024 With Borders   [...]

PostgreSQL Availability

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PostgreSQL is not available on our Web Hosting Packages. PostgreSQL can be installed on VPS or Dedicated Servers. PostgreSQL managed support is limited because our staff is not trained on it.

Where is InterServer’s datacenter?

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Our datacenter is located in Secaucus, NJ, about 5 miles from New York City. InterServer is staffed 24/7 at this location. For more information about our datacenter and network please see https://interserver.net/tour.php

VPS vs Dedicated Servers

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People put up sites for various reasons online. But whats the best choice VPS vs Dedicated Servers? Some have sites for their business, increasing their market reach by going online. Some have sites simply to cater to their interests, creating a space of their own for expressing themselves. Whatever your reasons might be for having [...]

Free Web Hosting Migrations

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InterServer offers Free migrations for cPanel to cPanel servers. Shared Hosting Migration Basic info) For a standard shared hosting migration please have a full cPanel backup ready for download. You do not need to upload it to your new InterServer shared hosting account, however doing so will save some time. The current InterServer account should have [...]

Does InterServer transfer my domain name for me?

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InterServer does not transfer domain names. Only the domain name owner can do this. The nameservers must be transfered with your domain name registrar (the company the domain name was originally purchased with). If you are unsure who your domain name registrar is you can lookup the registration information at https://interserver.net/whois.php or contact support@interserver.net.

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