Top 10 Best Content Management Systems in 2021!

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In 2021, We don't need to hire Web Developers to create websites. We can use the CMS Platforms that allows us to create beautiful websites without any technical . There are 15+ Content Management Systems available on the internet. Most of them are free and easy to use. In this article, we will learn the [...]

Install and Configure PrestaShop With Memcached

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Memcached is an open-source, free memory object caching system that helps to reduce access and execution time to the database for an extensive web application. The Memcached frequently caches the accessed data, such as the results of database calls, API calls, and more to speed up the dynamic database-driven web apps. In this knowledgebase, you [...]

Best Applications to Run E-commerce Websites

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E-commerce is the process of selling and buying of goods or services over the world wide web. It is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. E-commerce helps customers to discover and purchase products through online retailers and marketplaces. E-commerce has benefited independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations as it enables a large-scale [...]

How to Speed Up PrestaShop Store?

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In this tutorial, we can check how to speedup PrestaShop Store. An open source platform where you can create your own online shop is what the PrestaShop. This platform is created using PHP and it is one of the most popular platforms for those who looking for an online shop of all sizes as it has [...]

How to Add Tags in PrestaShop

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Tags allow you to loosely categorize your products or content into different types. While the categories are managed strictly, Tags are mostly used to connect a product with multiple entities at once. For example, If you are selling a computer, you can use tags like "Computers", "Dell", "Intel" and "Gaming". But your category should be [...]

How to Add New Currency in PrestaShop

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Prestashop is a very popular eCommerce store management system. According to Wikipedia, the market share of Prestashop in commerce right now is around 9%. Prestashop is widely used as eCommerce management system around the world. As each and every country has a different currency, Prestashop provides an interface to manage currencies. If your payment gateway [...]

How to Manage Tax Rules in PrestaShop

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eCommerce is a growing field. Many eCommerce stores start with a small inventory and they end up being an international brand. But, with the growth of your store, you also have to take care of the tax rules in different countries. For example, right now you are doing business in the USA and you want [...]

Enable Multistore Feature in PrestaShop

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Prestashop is one of the best eCommerce store management system available after WordPress with WooCommerce and Shopify. Prestashop is used by local eCommerce sites that deal with the local market. It also provides all the features you might need while running an eCommerce store. One important thing to note about Prestashop is, it is open-source. [...]

How to create menus in PrestaShop

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Navigation menus are very important for any website. If you are in the E-commerce business, it is crucial to have awesome menus that can display all the important or popular pages, products, and categories. It is important to have proper menus at the appropriate locations in your store. If you are using Prestashop, you get [...]

Create Cart Rule in PrestaShop

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Prestashop is a popular and well optimised E-commerce store management system. It makes E-commerce management easy as it provides almost all the features you will need to manage an online store. It is very easy to use and you can perform almost any type of task you have to perform while managing a store. In [...]