Google PageSpeed Insights – How to Optimize Your Site to Rank Higher

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In this tutorial we can learn how to optimize your site to achieve a higher rank in Google PageSpeed Insights. If you have a website which has wisely configured, but has poor performance, then it will affect the ranking of your website. Even if the response time of the website is extremely fast, but the [...]

Enable SEO URL’s in AbanteCart

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In this documentation, we can check how to enable SEO URL’s in AbanteCart.   1) Login to AbanteCart admin panel. 2) Click on the tab ‘System’.   3) Go to Settings >> System.   4) Locate the option ‘USE SEO URL’s’.   5) Click the button ‘ON’.   6) Click the button ‘Save’.   That [...]

Google Search Console Tips and Tricks

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Location and Language Expansion of Internet world wide enabled all of us to connect to every nook and corner of the world to be interconnected at any time. Why can't we specify our locations and language or some sort of sharing of geographical details which enhances the communication among the people? This whole concept can [...]

YoastSEO Sitemap XML 404 Not Found

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You just installed the very popular YoastSEO plugin. When clicking the on the sitemap XML link you discover a 404 error on the page that takes you to Before you dig too deeply into the issue and start to modify .htaccess or any code. Try to disable the XML plugin and then re-enable. Most [...]