Add Language in SMF (Simple Machines Forum)

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SMF stands for Simple Machines Forum. It is a forum software in which people can register and talk about a specific topic in detail. Just like a message board, anyone with access can participate in the discussions going on in the Forum. But it is not like a message board. It is because in the [...]

How to Manage Ban List in SMF

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SMF is a forum management software that allows you to create and manage forums on servers having low resources. It has a very powerful administration panel that allows you to perform various important tasks very easily, like creating a new board and adding a new language. It powers many forums online. If you are managing [...]

Check attachment Integrity in SMF

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SMF, also known as Simple Machines Forum is a lightweight forum management system that you can install on your server to run a forum. Forum is a kind of website in which people can discuss a specific topic in detail in the form of threads and replies. In the process, the forum users also upload [...]

How to Clear Logs in SMF

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Logs are very important when it comes to debugging. However, Sometimes logs might use up all the storage space available on your system if you don't clear them up. These logs are unwanted logs. How do you know if you can clear up all the logs to free up space on your server? If you [...]

How to convert Database to UTF-8 in SMF

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If you do not know, SMF stands for Simple Machines Forum. It is built for machines having low resources. However, it provides all the essential features that you can use to save time. It also supports the installation of multiple languages which makes it easier to create a forum for regional interests. However, to support [...]

Modify Topic Settings in SMF

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Managing topics is one of the most important things when it comes to Forum management. It is because the Forums are more dependent on the quality of discussion. If you have improper settings for Topics in your forum, your users might lose interest because of redundant topics, old topics, and old data. That is why [...]

Bulletin Board Code Settings in SMF

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In this documentation, we can check how to configure bulletin board code settings in SMF.   1) Login to SMF admin panel. 2) Click the menu ‘Admin’.   3) Go to Forum >> Posts and Topics.   4) Click the menu ‘Bulletin Board Code’.   5) Select the options which you want.   6) Click [...]

How to Backup the Database in SMF

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SMF stands for Simple Machines Forum. Forum is a type of website in which people can register and discuss about a specific topic in detail. Anyone can register and post their views in the form of comments and threads. Simple Machines Forum is a very lightweight forum built for servers with low resources. It is [...]

How to Optimize Database Tables in SMF

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SMF uses MySQL to manage the database. And it is important to optimize the database tables by repairing tables and removing unwanted data as well as verifying the database schema. If your SMF forum is small and does not have too much traffic, you don't have to perform this action regularly. But when the database [...]

Assign Users to Membergroup in SMF

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SMF, which stands for Simple Machines Forum, is a very powerful Forum management system that you can use to manage and create a forum. It allows you to manage users, discussion boards, and member groups. First of all, if you do not know what is a member group and how to manage Membergroups in SMF, [...]