Install WordPress on DirectAdmin Using softaculous Application Installer

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Login to using the email address and password that you have used during the time of signup. Click on Login to DirectAdmin.     scroll down. Locate Extra features >> Softacolous Auto Installer click on it. Click on WordPress   S   Click on Install. It will redirect to the WordPress installation page. Here [...]

How to install WordPress multi-site using cPanel softaculous

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As we already explained what is WordPress MU or WordPress Multi-site¬† - Let us show you how you can install one in few clicks under cPanel with the help of Softaculous. Login to cPanel: (If you do not remember cPanel login details, feel free to reach our support) Select WordPress from Softaculous App Installer   [...]

How to Install Softaculous on CWP

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CWP is an open-source CentOS Linux web hosting control panel that is specially developed for easy management of the Linux server. And the Softaculous is the best script installer in the market. It allows you to install hundreds of different kind of content management systems and scripts. Usually, these scripts and CMSes require a different [...]

Softaculous Staging Environment

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The staging environment is a must-have feature nowadays, as it will help in making changes to a production website without affecting the actual customers. Softaculous made this task easy and recently released the staging feature. This provides an exact copy of your live website where you can make the changes and or can alter the [...]

Softaculous Installation in Plesk

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  Softaculous is a 3rd party auto installer for different control panels such as Plesk, Direct admin, and cPanel, which allows install more than 200 applications and scripts just by a few clicks. And it also includes the features for uninstalling the installed applications through Softaculous. The steps to install Softaculous in Plesk are listed [...]

WordPress Backup Restoration from Softaculous

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Softaculous is the most popular automatic script installer for popular web hosting panels like cPanel. Not only cPanel, but almost all the standard web hosting panel provides Softaculous to their customers so that they can install the application they desire. Softaculous also keeps track of your backups so that you can restore them whenever you [...]

Installing Softaculous on a cPanel Server

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cPanel is one of the most popular server management system available on the internet. When you purchase a shared hosting with cPanel, you always get Softaculous in the hosting plan. It is because Softaculous is installed on the cPanel server. Softaculous is an auto-installer that you and your customers can use to install different applications [...]

Install qdPM – Free Web-Based Project Management Tool

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qdPM is a project management tool. In this tutorial, we will see about qdPM in detail and how to install qdPM on your server.   What is qdPM The qdPM is a web based project management tool. It is designed to work well for a small team that will be working on multiple projects. With [...]

How to Install Zen Cart from Softaculous?

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Zencart is an awesome and light-weight eCommerce store management system. It is open-source software licensed under GPL2. It means that you are free to modify and update the code as per your requirements. As it is open-source software, developers are allowed to create and distribute plugins and themes. As a result, you get a huge [...]

How to Install PHP-Nuke from Softaculous

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PHP-Nuke is a PHP and MySQL based content management system. It is open-source software, it means that you can modify it according to your requirements. You can also install additional Add-ons to improve the functionality of your site. With PHP-Nuke, you can create a blog or a website with ease. There are hundreds of addons [...]