How to Create and Access Email Accounts in VestaCP

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In this tutorial we can learn how to create and access email accounts in VestaCP Vesta Control Panel is an open, free control panel with webserver email database and DNS functionalities built in. Vesta supports Linux os such as CentOS, Ubuntu and Redhat. It is a user-friendly control panel with a simple and clear interface. [...]

How to Set SPF record in VestaCP

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In this documentation, we can learn how to set SPF record in VestaCP.   1) Login to your VestaCP account. 2) Click the option ‘DNS’.   3) Click the button ‘Add Record’.     4) A new window will open and here you can add the SPF record. Record: If you want the SPF record [...]

How to reset VestaCP admin password?

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In this tutorial, we can discuss how to reset VestaCP admin password. Here we are sharing three useful methods to reset your VestaCP admin password.   Method1 1) Login to your VestaCP account with username admin and current admin password. You can access VestaCP using the url >> 2) Click on the ‘admin’ tab [...]

How to install VestaCP

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In this tutorial we can check how to install VestaCP control panel and setup a website in it. The Vesta Control Panel is a free, open source website control panel with inbuilt website, email, database, and DNS functionalities. Vesta control panel is an excellent alternative for cPanel. VestaCP offers extremely clear and simple interface for its [...]