How to setup Wireguard VPN on VPS

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Login to the server via SSH: Run the following command: wget -O && bash Once you run the command it will ask for the port. The default port can be left blank or enter 51820 and hit enter. Now enter the client name as per your preference and hit enter. Now it [...]

Setting Up PPTP Server in Linux ( Ubuntu/CentOS )

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Setting Up PPTP Server in Linux ( Ubuntu/CentOS ) The point to point Tunneling protocol is a method for implementing virtual private networks(VPN). The main advantages are it is compatible with most of the mobile devices and it uses less CPU resources. It is not much secure comparing to OpenVPN. 1) PPTP Installation On Ubuntu: [...]

What is TUN/TAP? How to enable it in OpenVZ?

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TUN/TAP is used to provide packet reception and transmission for user space programs. TUN stands for network TUNnel) is a network layer device and TAP stands for network TAP and it is a link layer device and both of them are virtual network kernel devices. TUN/TAP kernel module is needed to be enabled in VPS [...]

Everything about Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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You would have been heard at least once the term VPN. The VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. We can see about VPNs in detail here. As we know, VPNs belongs to networking. Before starting VPN, let us learn more about computer networks.   What is a Computer Network? Simply, a computer network is a [...]

How to install and configure OpenVPN

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In this documentation, we can check how to install and configure OpenVPN on CentOS.   1) Login to the server via ssh.   2) Install OpenVPN dependencies. yum install gcc make rpm-build autoconf.noarch zlib-devel pam-devel openssl-devel -y   3) Download LZO RPM. wget   4) Add repo for your server. Find out the server [...]