How to Install and Uninstall JetBackup for cPanel

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In this tutorial, we can check how to install JetBackup for cPanel. JetBackup is one of the leading backup solutions for cPanel & WHM that offers a user-friendly GUI. It provides settings for automation of backups as well as restores on a cron job. JetBackup helps to take the backup of your cPanel accounts and [...]

Setup SendGrid on your cPanel VPS/Server

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SendGrid provides a cloud-based service for sending reliable transactional and marketing emails. It also provides scalability and real-time analytics, along with flexible APIs that make custom integration easy. This service usually manages different types of email, including shipping notifications, friend requests, sign-up confirmations, and email newsletters. This service was earlier known as ‘’ before naming [...]

Change DNS to PowerDNS in cPanel

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DNS is a very important part because the speed and efficiency of the DNS server will decide how fast your site will open when a user tries to visit your site. As it is an important thing, you get dedicated DNS to improve the speed and reliability of your website. So, In this tutorial, we will [...]

Troubleshooting Jailed Shell on OpenVZ

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cPanel/WHM provides Jailed shell environment for users, this feature gives high-level security for users while connecting to the server via SSH. The Jailed shell environment provides more security than normal shell environment. This feature protects each users home directory by not allowing other users to access one's home directory. It means that the user can [...]

Enable Two-Factor Authentication in a cPanel Account

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To ensure the security of your cPanel account, we can enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Because using a random strong password for cPanel login might fail to meet the security nowadays. When we enable 2FA, it requires a password and the second form of authentication to access your cPanel account. So, if someone knows your password, [...]

All About Server Profile in WHM

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Server profile is a feature in cPanel &WHM version 76, this interface allows you to select a server's profile, based on the service that you want the server to provide. Server profiles are a collection of roles and each of these roles allows or disallow certain services. This allows you to enable or disable specific [...]

Unable to Access PhpMyAdmin in cPanel

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In this tutorial, let's check how to access PhpMyAdmin in cPanel. PhpMyAdmin is a free web application that provides GUI for working with the MySQL database management system. It is used to perform administration tasks like creating a database, running queries, and adding user accounts. It is compactable for almost any operating system. This tool [...]

How to Enable Plaintext Authentication in Dovecot?

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Dovecot is an IMAP or POP3 server for Linux/Unix systems. It is built primarily keeping the security in mind. Dovecot is responsible for handling mails on your machine, Just like Apache is to handle HTTP requests. Dovecot is used to create a light-weight and powerful Mailserver on your machine. By default, the plaintext authentication is [...]

How can you Switch to Apache from Litespeed in WHM?

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Apache and Litespeed are web servers. Both of them are good in their own ways and both of them does the same kind of work. A web server's work is to handle the request, perform all the code execution tasks using different compilers, create a static HTML page that can be served on the browser [...]

Install Apache Tomcat using EasyApache4

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The Apache Tomcat is an Apache module that provides a web server in addition to the Apache web server for the Java Servlet, Java Server Pages, Java Expression Language, and Java Web Socket technologies. In cPanel/WHM version 76, they implemented a new version of Apache Tomcat for EasyApache4. Tomcat is supported in WHM version 76 [...]