How to Configure Email Piping in WHMCS?

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How to Configure Email Piping in WHMCS? WHMCS is one of the leading web hosting automation platform. WHMCS provides the tools you need to start a web hosting business. WHMCS handling signups, provisioning, billing, and support. The main features that are provided by WHMCS are: Save Time Automate Billing Web & Domains Support Tools Developer [...]

How to Add cPanel/WHM Server on WHMCS?

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How to Add cPanel/WHM Server on WHMCS? We can easily connect the cPanel/WHM server to WHMCS by adding the server on WHMCS. Connecting cPanel/WHM server to WHMCS will allow them to communicate each other. Once the connection has established between WHM and WHMCS, it will be easy for them to communicate for easy login from [...]

Two Factor Authentication in WHMCS

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Two Factor Authentication in WHMCS Two-factor authentication, which is also known as 2FA, provides an additional layer of security by adding a second step to your login and it makes harder for attackers to gain access to a person's devices and online accounts, even if an attacker has your password. Because knowing the person's password [...]

cPanel/WHM – WHMCS Integration

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cPanel/WHM - WHMCS Integration cPanel is the most used control panel in the World through which we can manage our websites and settings easily via a User-Friendly interface. If you wish to start a hosting business, it would be good to integrate your cPanel server with WHMCS, so you can automate every single task there. [...]

Methods to Secure WHMCS

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WHMCS is an all-in-one client management tool used for billing and support for online businesses. We can discuss some of the methods to secure WHMCS.   Use Firewalls WHMCS is a secure platform but it is better to add some extra security measures for preventing the attacks. The common attacks on WHMCS are SQL injection, [...]

How to Unblock IP Address from WHMCS Using PhpMyAdmin?

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WHMCS only allows three invalid login attempts from an IP address by default. After the three failed login attempt, the local IP address will be blocked on the server. After some predefined time, the blocked IP address will be removed from the database. We can also manually remove the blocked IP address from the database. [...]

How to Reset WHMCS Admin Password

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WHMCS admin password is very important and you should not forget that password once set. But, sometimes we forget the password and there is nothing we can do about it. Normally, when you forget a password, you get an E-mail containing a password reset link that you can access to set the new password. In [...]

How To Create Product Addons in WHMCS

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In this documentation, we can check how to create product addons in WHMCS. Addons are primarily designed for one off fee items, whereas for recurring items you would use configurable options. Addons can be displayed during the initial order process but can also be ordered by the client to add to an existing package at [...]

Manage Banned IPs in WHMCS

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WHM stands for Web Host Manager. It allows you to manage the backend of cPanel. With the help of WHM, you can manage almost everything in the web hosting business. You can manage different cPanel accounts, billing, reseller accounts and much more. In WHM, you can also set up fraud protection to avoid fraud orders [...]

Manage Product Bundles in WHMCS

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In this documentation, we can check how to manage product bundles in WHMCS. Product bundles allow you to setup special deals that involve 2 or more products whereby if the user orders all items together, they receive a discount. The other advantage of using bundles is that it allows you to send buyers to a [...]