Change RDP port on Windows server

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How do you Change the RDP port on a Windows server? Remote Desktop Protocol is a secure network protocol developed by Microsoft that provides a user interface with good graphics to connect to another computer over a network connection. The user needs to install RDP client software on their local system and the remote computer [...]

How to copy files from Linux to Windows using WinSCP

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There are two types of people who use the LINUX operating system. The first one are the employee of a multinational company who used the operating system because the company said so and the second type of people who use the LINUX operating system are people who just like using it because of its UI [...]

How to Add/Delete Data or Log Files in MSSQL Server?

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In this tutorial, we can check how to add/delete data or log files in MSSQL Server. The MSSQL server is a database server that acts as a relational database management system. The MSSQL server is a software product that helps to store and retrieve user data as required by other products or applications. The SQL [...]

Import a CSV File Via SQL Server Management Studio

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The SQL Server Management Studio is also known as SSMS, and it is a software application launched by Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The SQL Server Management Studio helps to configure, administer, and manage all the components within the server. The SSMS also includes both graphical tools and script editors that work with the features and [...]

Hotlink Protection in Windows Plesk

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Clients use a control panel to simplify the management of their accounts, website, domain, etc. It is generally a graphical user interface so that even a non-technical user can manage everything on the server. The features offered by a control panel denotes as a graphical icon. The two main control panels supported by Windows are [...]

Allow Multiple RDP Sessions for Single User in Windows

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  Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a secure communication protocol developed by Microsoft, it provides a user with a graphical interface to connect local computer to another computer over a network connection to transfer the data in low speed and in a secure mode. The user must need an RDP client software for this purpose, [...]

Installing Zabbix Agent on Windows

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This tutorial will help you install and configure the Zabbix agent on Windows Server. Step 1: Download the agent: Step 2: Extract the zip file. Step 3: Make a new directory c:\zabbix\ (or any other path you may find convenient. Step 4: Copy the contents of the bin file and the config file into [...]

Modify Hosts File on Windows

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  The hosts file is used to point a hostname to an IP address. when a domain is searched from a local system, in a DNS lookup the hosts file can help us to assign an IP address for our domain name. When we are building a site locally and to test the same we [...]

How to Turn Off/On Windows Firewall

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Windows firewall is a Microsoft application which provides firewalling and packet filtering functions., which means it can block harmful programs coming from the internet to your system. Users can add the allowed programs in the firewall. It can also block the unsolicited attempts so that you can secure your system. Enabling or Disabling firewall might [...]

PHP settings on ASP.NET Hosting

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InterServer provides ASP.NET hosting for just $5 per month, through which you can simply host your website on an advanced Windows server comes with Plesk Onyx panel. You may have to look here for more details However, the ASP.NET hosting package is not very suitable for hosting PHP + MySQL based websites, I would [...]