Top 9 Plugins to create Stunning eCommerce Websites in WordPress

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To create an eCommerce store, you will need many tools and add-ons. You can create an online store without any plugins as well. But it will be tedious to find add-ons and extensions. Also, it's quite complex to find and purchase them separately. The eCommerce plugins are the best options to get all tools at [...]

Translate your WordPress site with Ease using Weglot

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Weglot is a leading online translation plugin. It provides automatic translation of websites. The Plugin also increases visibility and boosts the conversion rate by adding multilingual functionality. The Plugin has integrated many popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Shopify. Many popular companies like Microsoft and Polaroid are using this Plugin’s functionality. This Plugin automatically translates [...]

How to create and Manage Polls in WordPress with YOP Polls

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The YOP Poll is one of the best survey plugins in the market. You can easily create survey forms or polls using this plugin for free. It allows you to integrate a survey into your blog post/page easily. You can even manage the polls from within your WordPress dashboard. This plugin allows you to add [...]

Top 5 Plugins to Organise Awesome Webinars in WordPress

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Webinars are arranged for training, meetings, and educational purpose. Therefore, most users want screen-sharing options and basic linkup features. Online events and webinars can also be a better way to interact with your audience. These days, many businesses and education systems are on standby due to COVID reasons. So, the webinar plugins just made it [...]

How to Display Custom Twitter Feeds on WordPress

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Custom Twitter Feeds Plugin is one of the popular Twitter plugins for WordPress. The plugin allows you to embed your recent tweets in WordPress easily. Also, it provides various layout options and customization options. Ultimately, it gives you multiple ways to display tweets on your site. Moreover, you can add Tweets from not just your [...]

Collect customer reviews effectively with WP Customer Reviews

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WP Customer Reviews is a free review plugin. It comes with a better solution for displaying reviews from anywhere on the website. This plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory for free. This plugin will help you to collect reviews of your visitors and customers. Moreover, it also helps you to create your own [...]

Manage Countdown timers in WordPress with Countdown Timer Ultimate

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The Countdown Timer Ultimate is a simple countdown plugin. It offers different timers on WordPress websites. However, this plugin is not capable of showing evergreen timers for specific users in the free version. You will need a Pro version to use the evergreen timer feature. You can use this plugin to show countdowns on your [...]

How to create Membership/Community site in WordPress

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BuddyPress is the popular WordPress Forum plugin. It allows you to create and manage your small online community. In this community, users can make profiles using avatars, join groups, and send private messages as well. BuddyPress is also a completely free and open-source plugin for creating online communities and forums. However, both plugins were made [...]

Customize your WordPress login page with Theme My Login

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Theme My Login is the popular custom login page plugin. It is used to create customized login/ logout registration pages for your site. This plugin also allows users to register on your WordPress site without accessing the Admin Area. Moreover, you can choose any of the pages like the Login page, Registration page, and Forget [...]

Create an Event and Booking system in WordPress with Amelia

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Amelia plugin is the popular WordPress appointment Booking plugin. Users can easily book appointments with an employee for any service or business. This plugin has a simple but effective interface that provides an automated bookings system. You will get total support from the community. Also, people can book appointments with online or offline payment. This [...]