4 Methods to check and Monitor Disk Usage in WordPress

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A website is like a puzzle made up of various essential parts. These include server space, JavaScript, jQuery files, and media files. In one of our articles, we talk about crucial WordPress maintenance tasks. In this article, we'll dig deep into one of them: checking our server disk usage and how to keep it from [...]

Download Monitor- Free and Easy File Management Plugin for WordPress

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Download monitor is a powerful file management plugin that provides an intuitive user interface for managing and uploading downloadable files. It allows you to track the total number of downloads with IP address and country of the users downloading the files. Imagine you run a website and want to share files like documents or images [...]

How to set Icons for Menu Items in WordPress

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WordPress, as you may already know, is a fantastic platform for creating and customizing websites. It offers a world of possibilities when it comes to tailoring your site to your specific needs and style. Today, we're going to focus on one aspect of this customization journey - setting or changing icons in WordPress menus. When [...]

Top 5 Plugins to Create Comparison Tables in a WordPress Site

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Want to compare things on your WordPress site quickly? Our article introduces the top plugins for making comparison tables. These unique tables help you show info neatly, so people can see differences and choose what they like. Even if you’re new to websites, these plugins make it easy. Let’s check out the best options for [...]

How to automatically Translate WordPress site using Weglot

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A strong online presence is important for businesses and individuals in today's digital world. WordPress, a popular website-building platform, makes creating and managing websites easy without extensive technical skills. One exciting feature that WordPress offers is the ability to make your website available in multiple languages using plugins like Weglot Multilingual. These plugins provide a [...]

How to See and Manage Error and Access Logs in WordPress Site

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As a WordPress site owner, it's important to be aware of the health and performance of your website. One way to do this is by regularly monitoring error and access logs. Error logs provide valuable insights into any issues that may be occurring on your website, such as plugin conflicts or server errors. Access logs, [...]

How to fix 403 Forbidden Error on a WordPress Site

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WordPress is now becoming more powerful and robust. Everyone uses WordPress for personal and professional websites. When running a WordPress site, it is important to be aware of the various errors that can occur. These errors can come from simple ones that we can quickly fix. Then there are more serious ones that can cause [...]

How to Check and Fix Broken Links in a WordPress Website

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In simple words, Broken links are some links on the site that are no longer working. It can be caused by several factors, like the page that the link is pointing to no longer exists or the URL of the page has been changed. Simply put, each error containing or link without any page can [...]

How to Organise WordPress Files in Media Library

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Since its beginning in 2003, the latest version, WordPress 6.0, was released on May 24, 2022. It comes with a new Gutenberg editor. This editor makes it easier to create custom layouts and designs with blocks. WordPress 6.0 also includes improved media management. This new version allows you to easily manage your media files, such [...]