How to set up a Multiste Network on WordPress

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If you have been using WordPress for a long time then it might be possible that you are running more than one site at once. Running each site with a particular dashboard might be difficult to handle. Don’t worry, there is a more efficient way to create and manage a network of multiple websites from [...]

Beaver Builder WordPress Installation and usage

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Beaver Builder is a flexible front-end drag and drops page builder plugin for Wordpress, trusted by more than 300,000 users and 1,000,000 websites worldwide. The plugin comes full of features and is ridiculously easy to learn. Using Beaver Builder you can integrate your website with many plugins like Gravity Forms, ActiveCampaign, TranslatePress, LearnDash, MemberPress, and [...]

Event Manager – Best Event Management Plugin for WordPress

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Event manager is the most popular event management plugin, trusted by more than 100,000 users worldwide. It comes with powerful features that make it easy for you to create a variety of events, manage attendees, and accept bookings. The event manager lets you create single or regularly occurring events and multiple tickets with various optional [...]

The 6 Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress

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People always use different types of images and galleries to attract visitors, and these galleries also look good on our website. WordPress plugin’s library has many plugins that are very helpful and it has some easiest ways to display a great-looking gallery on your WordPress website. In addition, you’ll find hundreds of famous and well-rated [...]

Manual Installation of WordPress on VPS(DirectAdmin)

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Login to the DirectAdmin Control Panel. Search for Create Database and click on it. Enter the database username and password and click on create a database. Once the database is created it will pop up a message saying Database Created. Now search for File Manager and click on it. Make sure to follow this path [...]

The 5 Best Comments plugin for WordPress

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The Comments on specific posts and pages can help you engage the visitors more time on your website. It also allows your visitors to interact with other people who have the same interest. The Comments sections can have more information than the actual article. People use the comment feature to solve temporary issues; it also [...]

Top 5 Best Menu Plugins for WordPress

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Every website owner or developer wants to develop a website that is easy to use and flexible. So the visitors can easily find the required information without any real issue. If you want your visitors to find the best content, an effective navigation system is also a solution. Imagine once you visit a website with [...]

The 5 Best Table Plugins for WordPress

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There are so many elements available on the internet which provide different types of data management. Like Graphical information provided by Charts and Graphs, these graphs and charts help your visitor quickly understand the data analysis. Now, imagine you have an E-commerce store online, and you're selling electronic products like Televisions, Ovens, Fridges, Air conditions, [...]

Top 5 Best Survey Plugins for WordPress

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The Website owners often create a survey form to analyze public reviews about something. For example- imagine a product on sale online, now store owners want to take surveys about their product. It will help the site owner to analyze the data and grow your business. You can find many ways to collect feedback from [...]

Top 5 Best RSS & Feed Plugins for WordPress

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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but it could also mean Rich Site Summary or Real-time Simple Syndication. In simple words, RSS is a service created in XML-based content format, and it updates our users on almost every latest news, articles, headlines, and contents. So it's like a notification that the website has some latest [...]