How to Install and Use Google Tag Manager in WordPress

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Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows website owners to tag their pages with custom variables which can then be tracked and monitored. Google Tag Manager can follow events on a website, such as when users click or interact with particular elements on the page. It can also be used to track how users [...]

The 5 Best QR code generators for WordPress sites

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We all know WordPress and its unique features. A website development now feels effortless. WordPress now power's more than 40% of websites currently available on the internet. WordPress developers have created a beautiful and easy-to-use CMS in the last few years with all the required features. A vast community of WordPress developers keeps working to [...]

How to Import and Process Any CSV or Excel File in WordPress

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WP All Import is the best plugin for importing CSV and XML file data with just four steps. The plugin is trusted by more than 12,000 customers worldwide. Its easy-to-use drag & drop interface makes complicated import tasks easy and fast, even with a large file structure. The plugin allows you to import data into [...]

How To Add Job Listing On Your Site Using WP Job Manager plugin

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WP Job Manager plugin is one of the popular job listing plugins for WordPress sites. You can easily add job listings to your site using this plugin. This plugin is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory for free. It will allow you to add the job data by providing a classic editor manually. However, you [...]

How to Hide WordPress Version for the Security of the Site

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WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that helps users create and manage websites. WordPress was first released in 2003, and it has undergone continuous development. It powers some of the largest and most popular websites. WordPress is available in two versions: and is a hosted service that provides users with [...]

How to LazyLoad Images in WordPress using WP Rocket

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Image Lazy Load is a feature that delays loading images on a web page until they are visible to the user. The goal is to improve the page's load time by deferring the loading of images that are not currently visible. The effect is that the user can see the page's content sooner, and the [...]

Top 5 Best Blog or Brand Name Generators in 2022

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Names are important. They are how we identify people, places, and things. A name is the first thing we learn about someone or something, and it can leave a lasting impression. A name is even more important when it comes to blogs and brands. It is the first thing potential readers or customers will see, [...]

How to Generate Fake Data in WordPress using Fakerpress

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Generating fake content for a website can be a useful way to improve the site’s overall quality. By adding fake content, we can help to fill in gaps and create a more comprehensive picture of the site. In addition, fake content can also test various features and functionality. By creating not real content, we can [...]