How to set up GraphComment Commenting System in WordPress

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The GraphComment Plugin is a free WordPress commenting plugin. The plugin provides the standard discussion system and modules. Unlike other plugins, If you are using Graph, You can revert back to the WordPress original comment system without any hassle if you are not happy with Graph in future. This also allows you to revert to [...]

How to display Custom Countdown Timer in WordPress

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The Counter Builder is the most popular customizable countdown plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers multiple countdown styles and countdown timers. You can find many types of designs for the Counter timers, such as Flip clock countdowns, Circle countdowns, and Coming soon page with countdown. Other countdown timer types are accessible. You can also put [...]

Pretty links – Best Link Management,  Click Tracking, and Sharing Plugin for WordPress

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Pretty links is one of the most popular affiliate marketing plugins in the market, trusted by over 300,000 users worldwide. It helps you turn your long affiliate link into a pure, speakable, and readable form using link shrinking services like,, and many others. The plugin allows you to manage social links, affiliate links, [...]

Rank Math SEO – Best WordPress Plugin to Increase SEO Traffic

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If you have a WordPress website or a blog, SEO can help you generate organic traffic, increase your authority, and improve the user experience. In short, SEO is the consistent source of traffic for any website. It takes research and a lot of practice to configure your site manually. And that’s why the plugin called [...]

WordPress vs. Joomla: Which is the Best CMS for Websites?

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Within this article, we will discuss the two most popular CMS platforms. We tried to provide every single significant piece of information about both WordPress and Joomla platforms. We also have mentioned some information tables and comparisons. So, if you're starting a website in 2021, and we will try to give quality information. Now, both [...]

Enable Backups on your WordPress site with BoldGrid Backup Plugin

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BoldGrid Backup plugin is one of the popular plugins for backup and restores WordPress sites. The plugin supports both automatic and manual backups. It also helps you to restore the site if you get back the files you have removed. The essential feature of this plugin is, you just need one license for multiple websites. [...]

Top 5 Best Directory Plugins for WordPress

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Directories delivers business or personal information based on a location or category. Yelp is one of the popular business directories that provides local business information. It also provides incredibly popular websites for consumers looking for specific brands, products, and services. However, to make a practical directory, you will need the directory plugins. Plugins will make [...]

How to Create UTM Codes in WordPress & Track in Google Analytics

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What is UTM tracking Code? As a blogger, you will require to keep an eye on the marketing activities on the website. It's the backbone of a successful marketing campaign. From adding Google analytics to inserting Google ads, you need to regularly monitor marketing activities to understand which links or ads are more clickable by [...]

Shortcodes Ultimate- Best Shortcodes Plugin For WordPress

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Shortcodes Ultimate is a powerful wordpress shortcodes plugin trusted by more than 800,000 users worldwide. It provides you with the capability to use innumerable shortcodes and that’s what makes it popular among the other wordpress shortcodes plugins. You can create any type of custom content and add it to your post or page in a [...]