How to create and manage Custom Post Types in WordPress

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Custom Post Types are one of the most powerful features of WordPress. It allows us to create custom posts and pages with the required contents. This unique feature can transform the Blogging Platform into a Powerful Content Management system and gives us important flexibility. So, if you have questions like What are custom post types, [...]

How to Integrate OneSignal with Your WordPress Site

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We’re now turning everything digital, even though we can order medicines and book appointments online. There are billions of people available on earth to buy products and services. And there are millions of small, medium, and larger businesses available on the internet to provide that service or product. Big brands have their websites and web [...]

How create Customized quizzes using using HD Quiz Plugin

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HD Quiz is one of the effective WordPress quiz plugins. It allows you to create an unlimited amount of quizzes and embed them onto any page or post. If you have less than 60 questions, this will be done automatically in the background. However, if you have more, you will need to use the manual [...]

How to Create a Job Application Form in a WordPress Site

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Apply Online Plugin is one of the robust job listing plugins for WordPress sites. You can easily display application forms on your site using this plugin. The plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory for free. Also, you can easily install and activate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard. Apply online is a free [...]

How to use Social Media Share Button Pop-ups in your WordPress Site

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You can easily display social share icons and build popups on your site using this plugin. The plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory for free. The plugin allows you to add share icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube. Also, it comes with other 200+ social media platform integrations. Additionally, [...]

3 Different methods to Reset your WordPress Website

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WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms. There are too many vital benefits available to WordPress. It’s easy to use, free and beginner-friendly. More than that, we have a vast community to solve any issue related to WordPress. And we have an accessible repository offered by WordPress that includes popular themes and plugins. [...]

How to Change Text Color and Decoration in WordPress

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WordPress is well known and famous for its customisation and flexibility. We can easily customise or create any web pages or blogs with WordPress. We also have different page builders that provide element drag and drop features. You have enough tools and elements in the WordPress directory. You can easily drag them and drop them [...]

How to Activate Cookie Consent in Your WordPress Site

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Here is another essential feature of a website that helps you collect users' information to provide them better overall user experience. Website owners can provide features like saving their credentials and information that they can use next time like primary visited pages, clicks, and similar data. But, in some European countries, there are some specific [...]