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65% Off Standard Web Hosting

Put your business online or blog about the latest memes. This one size fits all web hosting package is the perfect place to start. Our 24/7 managed support and straight forward pricing is why customers choose to stay with us for life.

$2.5 /Per Month!

99.8% Uptime

Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage

99.8% Uptime

450+ Cloud Apps

99.8% Uptime

SitePad Website Builder

99.8% Uptime

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts

99.8% Uptime

Global Content Caching

99.8% Uptime

Intershield Protection

99.8% Uptime

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

99.8% Uptime

Free Website Migration

99.8% Uptime

Free SSL Certificates

Cloud Apps

461 scripts available for 1 click installs.

InterShield Security - Included for Free

InterServer's in house developed security solution.

Using the data from 1000's of servers and websites we detect attacks and replicate protection rules across other servers to stop attacks before they start.

InterShield Security - Included for Free
  • Block web attacks

  • Automatic virus scanner

  • Machine Learning Firewall

  • In House Malware Database

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Inter-Proxy Caching - + CloudFlare

Website contents with heavy request loads are automatically cached using our proprietary set of caching mechanisms we call Inter-Proxy.

Raid Level:

LSI MegaRaid SSD caching. Sector level hot spot caching on the storage device.

Hardware Level:

Files under 2mb in size are stored in RAM. A typical web hosting node has 256GB of memory.

Software Level:

LSCache for dynamic content caching.

Packet Level:

QUIC - Developed by google for reduced connection times.

InterShield Security - Included for Free

Inter-Insurance - Included for Free

Interserver will clean up compromised, hacked or exploited accounts. We also offer this service to new customers. During the migration process, we will clean up your account. We are WordPress experts. Our specialty is getting WordPress websites back online securely and preventing any future issues

Service includes:

Determine why the problem occurred
Restore to it's original state
Fixing the underlying cause of the problem
Easy to use Control Panel

Easy to use Control Panel

Unable to navigate the command line in a Linux server? If so, Directadmin provides website owners with a Linux based control panel that gets rid of the confusion you may have had when trying to maintain your website without it. DirectAdmin provides tools for admins, resellers, and end-user website owners to successfully manage and control their website all through a simple web browser. DirectAdmin works best on a dedicated or virtual private server that runs CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, FreeBSD, and Cloud Linux...

Need cPanel? Check our cPanel Hosting plans

Free migration service

For a standard shared hosting migration please have a full backup ready for download. You do not need to upload it to your new interserver shared hosting account, however doing so will save some time. The current interserver account should have no data in it, as the backup will overwrite any data.

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Free migration  service
50% Server Capacity

50% Server Capacity

Utilizing only 50% of available resources allows us to support the growth of our customer's websites without experiencing performance issues.

$7.99 Domain Registration

Register or transfer your domain for $7.99 with the purchase of any web hosting package.

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E-Commerce Webhosting Plans

Guaranteed Email Delivery

We solved a common problem email deliverability. Your mail will not be sent out directly from the web hosting server. Outgoing email is processed through a smart host to prevent outgoing spam. Messages are scrubbed for spam. Reputations with other email providers are maintained protecting the global reputation of your email server.

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Affordable eCommerce Solutions
to Empower Your Store

We offer easy to use low-cost eCommerce hosting solutions that give you the freedom to build eCommerce store on your choice of platform. You can choose from Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart and much more.

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E-Commerce Webhosting Plans

WE ARE... The Best

We have always tried to maintain a fair and honest approach. We put our clients first, not the bottom line. To ensure this, we keep experimenting with new technologies so we can always serve you better. One of our recent features is you can now host your website on the Macintosh platform without switching from Linux or Windows. We have been around since 1999 providing quality service to our customers. See our reviews and awards Check our About Us page and see how we stack up against the competition on the comparison page.

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Web Hosting Features

  • Domain Names

    • Unlimited Storage Space
    • Unlimited Data Transfer
    • Weekly Backups
    • Unlimited FTP Accounts
    • Cloud Apps
    • SSD Caching Servers
    • Raid-10 Storage
    • Speed Optimization
    • Ultra-Fast Web Server
    • Cloud Linux OS
    • 10GB Cisco Network
    • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Standard

  • C-Panel Features

    • Control Panel
    • Cron Jobs
    • File Manager
    • Backup / Restore
    • phpMyAdmin
  • Standard

  • E-Mail Features

    • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
    • Guaranteed Mail Delivery (?)
    • Unlimited Forwarders
    • WebMail Access
    • iPhone Supported
    • BlackBerry Supported
    • Android Supported
    • Windows Mobile Supported
    • MX Record Changes
    • Spam Filtering
    • SSL Encryption
    • Outgoing SMTP
  • Standard

  • WordPress Features

    • Easy WordPress Installer
    • Weekly Backups
    • Automatic Updates
    • Use Any Plugin
  • Standard

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting is the act of hosting a web site in a shared environment. By providing the necessary support and technologies, a website's file system, platform, and resources are all stored by the web host. Most web hosts offer domain purchases that allow a web site to have its unique name. Finally, by combining all the pieces to the puzzle, a web host allows you to display the content of your web site onto the world wide web. Ultimately, affordable web hosting provides the ability to share your creative thoughts and ideas, ranging from personal to business, hosted on the internet!

We offer unlimited storage to our customers on our shared hosting environment without compromising speed and performance. Fixed storage is when each customer is allocated a fixed amount of the server's resources and a limit is established without any ability to exceed this cap. Thus creating restrictions around the longterm & overall growth of your site. The benefits to unlimited storage are somewhat self-explanatory, the hosting provider manages the load balancing of each server's resources. This allows each customer to utilize ample resources without compromising speed and performance.

Standard webhosting is designed for running websites and email but not for backup storages, movie/file storages or reselling webhosting. For backup storage InterServer offers Storage Hosting and for resellers there is a separate Reseller Package.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes therefore your budget needs to be flexible on the options provided to you. At InterServer we offer the standard web hosting package with Unlimited Space, Transfer, and Email. To fit the needs of about 99% of our customers. Typical sites that host with us are bloggers, small business owners, e-commerce websites and more. Some websites eventually become popular enough that they exhaust the resources allocated within a shared hosting environment and migrate to a Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server. Even though an upgrade is required and is generally associated with a higher cost, it is usually indicative of a good thing. Your website is growing! The benefits include being hosted in a more private environment and benefit from increased speed, load times and reliability. If you feel that your needs are beyond the requirements of Shared Web Hosting, reach out to us and we can discuss what options are best for you.

We realize that cost is often a major deciding factor when it comes to making any purchasing decision, however, one of the main focuses when shopping for webhosting should be a detailed review of the companies support offering. Ultimately having readily accessible support can determine just how seamless of an experience you will have with your chosen hosting provider. Other key factors to consider: Whether your account will have limited resource restrictions, for example, limited storage, transfer, & domain, which will essentially impact the performance of your site. Also, do they offer a variety of one-click installs for various scripts i.e. WordPress which is the most commonly used CMS? How advanced are their security features? Do they offer automated software that detects patches that could contain malware? Last but not least be sure to read the fine print to avoid getting locked into a longterm contract with hidden fees.

A domain is like owning a piece of property, many would classify it as a way to distinguish ownership and identity across the web. Simply put, a domain is a unique name that one can assign to a website. A domain maybe purchases outside of the web hosting company or provider and the two can work independently of each other. Owning a powerful and coveted domain is the equivalent of having a solid asset or investment. It often appreciates with time while serving as the namesake of your online brand or business. It's essentially the essence of your brand and how you make your mark across the web. Several webmasters dedicate a significant amount of there time to seeking out popular domains to acquire as long term investments. While web hosting is designed to ensure your data is secure, readily accessible, & online all of the time; the domain is a separate entity. Domain ownership may be purchased on its own, sometimes just to have ownership of the domain name. To link the two together, typically the web host provider will assign nameservers to your website that you may input at your domains registrar/website. Once doing so, the internet will recognize that the domain is linked to your website!