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Why Do You Need to Choose cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting gives you full access over your website. If you are using any CMS like WordPress to run your site(s) then you may probably think you are in full control but it isn't in reality. There are many settings and features that make your site more functional. For instance, if your WordPress site's admin panel is not opening then you can easily fix it using cPanel.

cPanel provides application such as:

cPanel Webmail utilizes

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP

Standard Web Hosting

  • Non Profit Hosting


  • Non Profit Hosting


  • Non Profit Hosting


  • Non Profit Hosting


Helpful Articles

How to Add DMARC record in cPanel

Posted at October 28, 2016 at 4:20 pm by jithin

DMARC stands "Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance." DMARC is protocol that uses SPF and DKIM to determine the authenticity of an email message. DMARC requires both SPF and DKIM to fail in order for it to act on a message. 1) Login to cPanel. 2) Click Advanced Zone Editor under the Domains section. 3) Select type as TXT, enter name, TTL value as 14400 and enter the TXT Data. 4) Click Add Record to save changes.

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How to Open a Port in CSF Firewall? ( cPanel )

Posted at October 14, 2016 at 3:58 pm by jithin

What is a port?
A port is a process-specific or an application-specific software construct serving as a communication endpoint. It is used by the transport layer protocols of the Internet Protocols suite such as UDP and TCP. The term port is also used in the hardware devices. They are the physical setup of the systems to get connected with another hardware media. Here, we are going to see about the logical construct that identifies a specific process or network service. An IP address and a pro [...]

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Create a
Professional Email

Create professional email addresses for your business. For instance, you can easily create mail accounts following with your domain name i.e. if your domain is xyz.com then you can create [email protected] or [email protected]. Apart from that, you can also create forwarders and autoresponders.


Easy to Manage

Domain management is never been so easy. cPanel helps you to manage all of your primary and sub-domains flawlessly. It comes with simple and easy to understand DNS Zone Editor along with Advanced Zone Editor. No matter whether you want to set up subdomains, addon domains, parked domains or simply redirect domains to particular address all you can do in seconds.



Security is your prime concern? Well, in that case, you would love to use cPanel's security settings that will help you configure password protected directories or folders, GnuPG Key settings, IP address denials, SSL/TLS to restrict access. Want more security features? Don't forget to provide more security with ModSecurity, HotLink Protection, and Leech Protect.


450+ Cloud

Why limit to particular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. when you can power up your website with more than 300 options. Depending on your needs or how do you want to scale up your website cPanel offers you more than 450+ cloud apps to make your site as much dynamic and robust as possible. Also feel free to use addons for bulletin boards, eCommerce, guest books and even in blogs too.


Create and Manage

cPanel gives you complete freedom to make and play with unlimited databases (depends on the type of plan you've purchased) using MySQL and PostgreSQL flawlessly. Use them to store and limit access a large amount of data.


File Manager

cPanel comes with a dedicated File Manager that you can use to control most of your website functionalities. Developers already are aware of this feature and no need to say that make most of it. The best thing is you can also use it like a professional even if you are not a developer, just make sure to make a backup before making any changes.

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